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*I will be describing all 5 graphs in words.*

1. 2x > -6 and x - 4 < 3 = x > -3 and x < 7

On a graph, I would start at -3 and the arrow would be pointing to the right with an open dot to indicate that x is greater than -3. I would start my second arrow at 7, and that would point left indicating that x is less than or equal to 7 with a closed dot. That would show the intersection to be all numbers to be between -3 and 7.

2. x + 5 > 2x + 1 and -4x < -8 = x > 2 and x < 4

On a graph, my first arrow would start at 2 and point right with a closed dot. My second number would start at 4 and point left with an open dot which would leave my intersection to include all numbers between 2 and 4.

3. -6 < x + 3 < 6 = x > -9 and x < 3

On a graph, my first number would start at -9 and point to the right. My second number would start at 3 and point to the left. This would make my intersection include all numbers between -9 and 3.

4. -3x < -6 or x + 5 < -2 =x > 2 or x < -7

On a graph, my first number would be 2 pointing to the right with a open dot indicating that 2 is greater than x. My second number would be -7 pointing to the left with a closed dot indicating that it is less than x. All numbers between 2 and -7 would be the union.

5. x - 2 > 2x + 1 or -10 > -2x - 2 = x < -3 or x > 4

On a graph, my first number would be -3 pointing to the left with a closed dot and my second number which is 4 would be pointing to the right with an open dot. All numbers between those two would be the union.

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