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Would You Prefer to Live in a Traditional House or in a Modern Apartment Building?

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It is generally accepted by the contemporary people that we live in a world that everything is changing and developing incredibly rapidly. In such an environment we grew up, unquestionably, the place we live, relax and spend our time with friends and relatives it is extremely important. Although nowadays people choose to live an apartment due to financial reasons, I prefer to live and raise my children in a house.

First of all, I grew up in a house, so I think it is very difficult for me to move in an apartment and adapt in a new and completely different way of life. The life in an apartment has many limitations. You cannot have your privacy and you must respect the rest residents. Consequently, you cannot make a lot of noise, (especially during the midnight), invite your friends or relatives anytime you want, watch television or listen to music very loud even make barbeque in your balcony. I really, cannot imagine my life with out these activities.

In addition, usually houses are larger and more comfortable than apartments. Moreover, if you live in a house you can spend your time in a garden or backyard, instead in a central park or another public place. This is a very important advantage especially when you have children in the house because they can play safely with out any danger from careless drivers and criminals. Furthermore, people that live in house tend to have better relationships with their neighbours instead of those that live in apartment due to the traditional way of life they adopt.

As it was mentioned above, the place that you will choose to live is an extremely important decision. I believe that if you can afford it, it is better to live in house. I respect any other aspect, but at least nobody can doubt that the life in a big house has many advantages that you will not find in an…...

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