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Wilma Mankiller

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Wilma Mankiller was born November 18, 1945 in Oklahoma but later relocated due to the Bureau of Indian Affairs’ Indian Relocation Program of the 1950’s. Because the relocation program failed to keep promises it made to Native Americans, Wilma became an activist fighting for the rights of Native Americans (Wallis). Wilma Mankiller was the first female elected Deputy Chief and later became the first female in modern history to lead a major Native American tribe by becoming the first Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma in 1987. With an enrolled population of over 140,000 members and an annual budget of more than $75 million, her accomplishment is equal to that of a chief executive office of a major corporation (Yannuzzie). Her areas of expertise include community development, public relations, tribal governance, leadership and writing. During her time in office, Wilma faced many challenges and turned them into accomplishments. She bettered the lives of her people by building health clinics, bringing water and electricity to poor communities, and supporting small businesses. These things meant a great deal too many people, but Wilma also tackled big issues like the male-domination of the Cherokee Nation, which went against traditional Cherokee values (Mankiller and Steinem). She also spoke out against Native American stereotypes and worked to make the mainstream image of Native Americans one of regular people with the same wants and needs as everyone else. And in doing this she worked to build the confidence of her people that they deserved equality and as well in their own culture; she helped the people of the Cherokee Nation to believe in them-selves again. In leading Indian people, there have been many leadership styles over the centuries that have been successfully employed to aid a cause. Some Indian leaders developed a reputation for…...

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Wilma Mankiller is on Wilma mankiller she was born on November, 18, 1945 her age is (66) she was born in Tahlequah Oklahoma what she is known for Is being a leading advocate for the Cherokee and the first women to serve as there principle Chief. When she was a kid she left Oklahoma and went to Francisco, California For hops of a better life but there family was still struggling in there new home. During the 1960s Wilma mankiller was inspired by the attempt of the native Americans to take Back the island of Alcatraz so it would be more active to the native Americana issues. In 1976 decided to go back to Oklahoma to help the native Americana. She went to go work for the government of the Cherokee nation as a tribal planer and program Developer. Wilma mankiller all most lost her life to a bad car wreck she was hit head on by her Best friend. Sadly her best friend was killed in this car wreck and Wilma mankiller had Numerous surgeries as a part of her long recovery from the car wreck she also had to handle Some diseases that are myasthenia gravies but she did recover and is healthy again. Wilma mankiller ran for depute chief for the native Americana tribe in 1983. Two years after winning the post she became the principal chief Wilma mankiller became Fames as the first woman to become the principal chief of the native Americana’s. She remained in the position for two full terms after that winning elections in 1987 and 1991 The popular leader Wilma mankiller......

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