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What Topics Should Be Considered for Studying Development?

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What topics should be considered for studying development?

The Modernization Paradigm
Development has three spheres: the social, the economic and the political sphere. Although capitalism can be classified as a part of the economic sphere, modernization can affect all three. Social, in a sense that the people’s belief change overtime as their surroundings also transforms; political, where new policies are made in accordance to problems due to growing population and; economic, where industrialization is evident. Modernization is a term and approach that came into widespread use in the early 1960s, as a consequence of the efforts by a group of development specialists in the United States to develop an alternative to the Marxist account of social development. Modernization implies that the purpose of the development is the transformation of the traditional agrarian culture into industrial society where everything is a commodity. At the same time, modernization theory looks at the positive benefits of nations modernizing. New technologies often bring with them advancements in medical care, food production, education, and disaster protection. While modern communications can lead to a homogeneous culture, it can also help spread social ideals of greater liberty and freedom. Societies that modernize tend to move towards more free and open systems of government, greater equality between genders, religions, and races, and more invested populaces. While it has alarming consequences, we cannot deny the fact that this has been the way of life capitalism has evolved into. Modernization is a product of capitalism. It always has been because of the continuing population growth which means higher demand for goods and products which in turn leads to exploitation and abusing of resources. Modernization is a movement towards efficiency. This affects everything, including food…...

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