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What Do You Look Forward to, as You Begin This Educational Experience and Your Personal Search for Purpose? What Is Your Greatest Fear? How Can You Overcome It? Write About One Specific Educational Experience from Your

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What I look for to as I begin this educational experience is to finish as planned and pass in flying color. My greatest fear is that I might not be able to adapt to American school system being that am from Nigeria and this is going to be my first educational experience. I plan to overcome it by asking questions especially the class instructor as well as my Nigerian friends who have gone through the program, in addition to watching the tutorial videos. Another thing I will also do is to develop a positive attitude towards my study, and I believe with determination and self discipline, I will overcome my fear. My past experience that I would like to share was in my high school days, I lost interest in geography because I didn't think its a requirement for nursing. When I discovered that I needed either geography or literature to pass the WASSCE(high school diploma), in other words I cannot graduate without geography since I have never attended any literature class. I realised that I had no option than to readjust myself .I had to set my mind on graduating from high school with my peers. I stopped skipping classes, I was able to attend extra classes after school hours. I participated in actively in geography excursions and presentation, my topic was on volcanic eruption. At the end, I graduated with Distinction in geography. I succeeded because, I had a set goal which to graduate with my mate and was motivated and determined by developing positive…...

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