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Abivo Goursam
Elvis Dominguez yanjianhai ACC505-Managerial Accounting
General Motors Financial Project
Tammy Straus, CPA
April, 2010
Keller Graduate School of Management.


The objective of the project is to collect and analyze financial information of the main divisions of General Motors Company in order to provide accurate and useful information to the management in their effort to assess a long-run financial viability of the divisions and serve as basis to arrive at a conclusion whether a division should be dropped or retained.
Our group related the General Motors Company decision based on the outcome of our research like the one in problem # 13-20 Pg 614 which is about whether or not a Jackson County Senior Services should drop or retain the housekeeping program that provides weekly maintenance services to seniors. The project is divided into the following sections in order to help in the decision making process for deciding which segment or production line has to be dropped, retained or needs improvements.

The dilemma that GM face is whether the company should drop or retain a division that does not provide value to the firm because it is not meeting the projected the financial goals set by the management.
The objective of the restructuration program is designed to give General Motors Company the competitive edge over companies like Ford, Toyota, Nissan, and many others in the automobile industry.
There are three major divisions that are the flagship at GM: Buick, Cadillac, and the Hummer. These three brands are the main streamline money making (cash cow) for the company, therefore, resources and strategic moves should focus on them.
Mark Reuss, the North America’s President of GM is concerned about the Organization’s finances and demands a full report of the net operating income of the company compromising…...

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