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In modern lives, people are exposed to a great amount of visual stimuli from the modern media (Forlizzi 2002: 3) and the Internet has grown to become one of the most notable main media channels. The advancement of internet technology has generally promoted the convenience of communication in our modern lives. Owing to the contributions through the efforts of numerous experts, scholars and industries as well as the spread of wide broadband internet in recent years, merely usability has become an insufficient criterion to can no longer satisfy users’ needs. Only with user-friendly and attractive content can on a website can ensure its continuous usage, make users to be willing to continue visit this website. Meeting the preferences of certain user groups is the key to increasing message transfer and communication efficiency (Goguen 2003).

Website development has come a long way since the mid-90s when the Web explosion took place. Early websites were often written by individuals and were text-only affairs; nowadays sites are frequently constructed by professional web design houses employing teams of developers as well as graphics artists, usability, accessibility, search engine and database specialists all collaborating to produce and maintain websites responsible for millions of dollars of annual revenue for their owners. Of course, not all website development and design is undertaken at this level; many design houses are manned by a few people whose duties frequently overlap. And there are millions of websites authored by individuals either for small businesses or, increasingly, as weblogs promoting the authors’ lifestyles and perspectives on life, politics, news.

Internet becomes the new way to generating new leads and business opportunities. Most of users just look in to the internet through search…...

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