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Vol 1, Iss 1, July 2013 (Merc Global's International Journal of Management)

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MERC Global’s

International Journal of Management
ISSN 2321 – 7278 (Print) and ISSN 2321 – 7286 (Online) Volume 1, Issue 1, July – 2013 (Abstract) Full Text Available At:

Management Education & Research Consortium Global (MERC Global), India
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International Journal of Management
ISSN 2321 – 7278 (Print) and ISSN 2321 – 7286 (Online) Volume 1, Issue 1, July – 2013

Table of Contents

Students' Perception About Management Education in India and USA

Bhavna R. Shetty Rajashree Gujarathi


Socioeconomic Impact of Employment Generation Program on Poor Urban Women

Sangita Kamdar


Socioeconomic Status of Scheduled Tribes

D. Pulla Rao


CONQUAS Systems for High Quality Project Management

Amit Kamath R. Jayaraman


Gap Analysis of Stakeholders' Perception in Tourism Industry

Rajashri Ramesh Chavan Sarang Shankar Bhola


Buying Practices and Consumer Rights Awareness Amongst Management Students

Manoj S. Kulkarni M. B. Mehta


MERC Global’s International Journal of Management
ISSN 2321-7278 (Print) and ISSN 2321-7286 (Online) Vol. 1, Issue 1: July-2013, pp. 01-14 Permanent URL: © MERC Global

Students’ Perception About Management Education in India and USA
Bhavna R. Shetty1 and Rajashree Gujarathi2 1 Assistant Professor, Shri. S. P. Kothari & Smt. G. S. Kothari Institute of Computer Science & Technology Management, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. 2 Professor, Sinhgad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. ABSTRACT The purpose of this research was to gain an insight into students’ perception about the quality of management education especially…...

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