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 What’s Vitaminwater?  Vitaminwater Boring History  Vitaminwater Posi6oning  Perceptual map  Exclusivity – price  Taste – Price  Analysis of the Mix  Product  Price  Place  Promo6on

What’s Vitaminwater?
 Water that contains herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals  Vitamin water comes in several great-­‐tas6ng varie6es




Vitaminwater Boring History
 Energy Brands also known as Glaceau is a privately owned subsidiary of Coca-­‐Cola Company based in Whitestone, New York that manufactures and distributes various lines of enhanced water.  Founded in May 1996 by J. Darius Bikoff  Energy Brands ini6ally distributed its products to health food stores and independent retailers in the New York area.

Vitaminwater Positioning

New age beverage for young people  Icon of genera6on Y image and lifestyle  Nutri6onal benefits  Only natural sweeteners  Different vitamin content across all flavors “For people who wants something healthier than the stuff they have been drinking to meet their needs throughout the day”!

Perceptual map: exclusivity – price

Vitamin Water




A-­‐ $8.90

B+ $11.22

Price* $7.51


$6.34 C+ *Price per gallon

Perceptual map: taste – price

Vitamin Water

$8.90 A-­‐ $8.90 B+ Price* $6.34 C+ $15.07 C-­‐

$7.51 D-­‐ *Price per gallon

Analysis of the mix

 Product  Price  Place  Promo6on


The augmented layer The expected layer The “core” layer

Enhanced/flavored water Tasteful, fresh, energizing drink Cool, trendy, fashionable product

Price $

$1.20 – $1.50 per bocle

middle-­‐price segment  Price held constant over 6me  No sales promo6on

avoided decrease of brand equity and perceived quality


 Supermarkets  Drugstores  Independent delis  Mass merchandisers

Promotion  Product placement  Celebrity endorsement  Sponsorships: CNAA championships  Cross promo6ons  Social media  Other kinds of adver6sig

Cross promotions
spots for the TV series, the movie and the product Immediate asocia6on Transfer of values:  Fashionable  Innova6ve  Young

Product placement
coolest and most popular series among young targets:  Gossip Girl  The Big Bang Theory  Sex and the City


Other kinds of advertising

Social Media
 Vitaminwater has presence on

 1,340,652 fans on Facebook  Easy interac6on with the brand  Crea6on of an applica6on on Facebook:

Flavor lab -­‐>

the new flavor  Television ads also promote the Facebook URL

 lakorm focused on the fashion, products, and P brands used by celebri6es and trendsecers, and seen in movies and television  The members can add “spots” to iden6fy products, or brands that they’ve seen on celebri6es  They can also purchase directly

Celebrity Endorsement
influence and acract young people (genera6on Y) and to create buzz

 50 cent  Kelly Clarkson  Lebron James  Paris Hilton  Lindsay Lohan  Dwight Howard  Kobe Bryant  Alicia Keys  Carrie Underwood  Shaquille O’Neil-­‐Super Bowl

Celebrity endorsement
 itamin water was the sponsor of the V 2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver  0 Cent Launch iPhone App which was 5 downloaded more than 250,000 6mes in the first two weeks  pecial products edi6ons for 50 Cents S with Formula 50

Brand Equity

High level of awareness and familiarity

Brand Equity

Strong, favorable, and unique brand associa6ons

Placement in the most famous TV series Celebrity endorsement Youtube, facebook, twicer,

Energy + fashion Young + funny Sexy Healthy + fresh Special product placement

Brand equity

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