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Using Phonics to Teach Reading and Writing in Basic Two

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Background of the study
This chapter presents the background to the study of the problem, statement of the problem, the purpose of the study, research questions, limitations, delimitations and organization of the study.
In Ghana, English has become the effective tool for communication because it enables people who do not have the same language to communicate effectively. No academic discipline could have achieved its purpose without the application of English language. All depends on English for delivery to become successful.
In view of this, English is studied as a subject in Ghanaian schools and has its own structure which are; Listening and Speaking, Reading and Comprehension, Writing and Composition and Library.
It has been noticed that one cannot run away from reading and spelling if he/she passes through formal education. Reading is the most effective self-reliance tool for leaning; it opens the door to physical, emotional and educational improvement.
According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, reading means to look at and understand the meaning of written and printed words or symbols to discover information. Also, reading is an educational skill. It is important because, it is the most effective tool for learning. Reading provides the key to all kinds of information which provides the individual with facts, which also educate him/her on the political, social and economic status of the world.
The problem of reading and spelling was noticed during my time of teaching reading aloud lessons.
The research was carried out at Saltpond A.M.E Zion Primary Two (2) Class in the Mfantseman Municipality. It is a fishing community where most of the people use the local dialect to communicate often, so the pupils use that a lot whenever they come to school, which has made reading and spelling in English difficult.


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