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Usability Assignment on Web Accessibility

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Usability Assignment on Web Accessibility

Wendell Robinson

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Web Accessibility Initiative's Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) need to be the concern of all web developer. Many people like myself can’t imagine their life without the internet it is where we get our world and local news, email, entertainment, etc. If a developer makes his website to be more accessible he ensure that people with disabilities can access his website just everyone else.

The people who are visually impaired could access their content with the help of a “screen reader”. Screen reader applications read the printed text out loud, which helps blind people use computers and receive access to a text content of any kind. The blind can just open up a browser and listen to a screen-reader

The physically impaired people can get the access to online content with the help of their computer using technologies that were designed to adapt the computer interface to their disabilities.

People who are hard of hearing have always had the opportunity to read online content, however when it comes to video materials, they can read typed versions of important speeches or watch multimedia content with subtitles.

One reason accessibility is important is that it can increase your audience. Without accessibility there is bound to be people in your audience who are not able to see, hear or simply pick up the mouse to navigate your website. This could mean loss of profit for you or your advertisers.

Increase usability and improve reputation are more reasons to make your site more accessible. Increased usability safeguards that your visitors can carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently and you will increase the customer satisfaction, therefore improve or regain your website’s reputation.


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