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Unexpected Fun

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Unexpected fun
It was the summer of two-thousand and six, the best week of that year. Summer school would be out soon, I was looking forward to it since the beginning of the school year. My girlfriends and I had so many adventures planned for the summer; missing one would be like a mission on grand theft auto left uncompleted.
One day, I arrive home from summer school angry at the world since my mom forgot about me at the bus stop. When I get home, I over hear her talking on the phone saying, “oh yes go ahead and reserve Dennis a plane ticket too.”
Like if I was not angry enough, she decides for me that I am going on vacations to Mexico with my aunt and my cousins, for a whole month! I still remember how mad I was. I kept telling her “well mother your spending money on a plane ticket for nothing, because I’m not going.” Finally, they convinced me to go to Mexico with the promise that if I absolutely hated it, they would buy my plane ticket to return home.
The first week there I couldn’t take it, it was the middle of summer and it was raining. We had nothing to do, all we did was sit in the room where we would sleep and look at each other. I decide that the next day I was going to call my parents. I bought a pre-paid card and I did just that.
“Mom, I hate it here. You told me to try it out and I did.” Since they had promised me a plane ticket back home, I was convinced that soon I would be back in lovely California. Finally, it stopped raining and later that night one of my cousins decided to take my cousin Cynthia and I to a club. I was stoked, finally something to do. We got dolled up and headed out the door.
After that night there was no way I was going back home. I had more fun than I had ever had. I was dying to find out how the other nights were going to be like. Every night seemed to be more and more fun, and every day of the week there was something going on. For a whole week, my parents tried getting a hold of me to let me know that they were going to buy my plane ticket already. Since I was never there when they called, they were convinced that I did not want to go back home, and they were right about that.
Finally, all the fun started coming to an end and our month was up, time to return back home. The last day that we were there was a very sad day. I was convinced that when I returned home it was not going to be the same. I was used to the liberty, adventures, and my cousins company. Everything about that place was wonderful even the way the air felt, you can actually breathe, breathe without starting to cough; at night when we laid on the roof you can see millions of starts shining bright. You never get to see that in California. Then the day came, we were loading our luggages in the car. While we sat in the car and waited for everyone, we all looked around at each other trying to hold in the tears. It was a vacation that none of us would forget. Most of all, they are memories that can never be replaced.…...

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