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The Other Woman Falls Short

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THE OTHER WOMAN FALLS SHORT No Other Woman (2011) had been awarded an A by the Cinema Evaluation Board and had earned quite a profit during it’s screening. Such popularity gained by No Other Woman may have been because it was dealing with such a risky theme: infidelity. Since it encompasses on emotions that are very intricate, a story involving infidelity is quite hard to develop and should, therefore, be handled carefully. Filled with monumental one-liners, memorable catfights and snide remarks, heartwrenching breakdowns and revelations, No Other Woman proved to have been a courageous take on the subject of unfaithfulness. It may have started strong, but it ended up seemingly like a camp teleserye squeezed into a two-hour movie. What great promise the movie showed at the beginning fizzles as the end falls short in fortifying the story. Ram Escaler (Derek Ramsey), a furniture designer and supplier, is happily married to demure but beautiful Charmaine (Cristine Reyes). He is quite handsome, complete with the toned muscles and a devilishly charming smile, and thus captures the interest of gorgeous Zalderiaga heiress, Kara (Anne Curtis).
Ram meets Kara, as she is the daughter of the owner of the resort that he provides furniture for. Although he had a devoted wife who loves and cares for him, Ram cannot help but be drawn towards the carefree and brass Kara. There is obvious attraction between the two but Ram resists the charms of Kara at first. To complicate things more, things aren’t going so well with his father—the very man he tried not to imitate. "No consequences. A woman only becomes a mistress 'pag may emotional attachment." The very moment those words left Kara’s mouth, Ram’s self-imposed loyalty to his wife shreds to pieces and he finally gives in to temptation. He and Kara initially engage in a no-strings-attached affair as an escape. But in spite of…...

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