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The Other Wes Moore

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Foreign Ground

The themes expressed in this chapter are those of crime and the

struggle of single mothers. Author Wes gets into big trouble when he gets

caught by the police tagging a wall. He was getting involved with the wrong

crowd and being heavily influenced by them. His mother is very worried

about him and even threatens to send him to military school, a threat which

will prove to be true. Meanwhile, Other Wes digs himself deeper and

deeper into the drug game. He runs into some roadblocks, but he is able to

continue down this path by lying to his mother who is oblivious to what he is


Other Wes

Wes started selling drugs to receive money; he told his mother he earned it

from being a DJ. But Tony becomes suspicious, and thee two fight over whether

Wes was lying or not. Tony couldn't believe Mary bought his story. He's been

trying to make Wes a different person, nothing like himself. Then Tony gave up.

Mary had began to wonder about what Tony had said. So she went into Wes's

room and found a Nike box under his bed filled with drugs. When Wes came

home, he found his shoe box on his bed, empty. He confronted his mother and

she said she flushed his material down they toilet. He became furious with her

and left to his girlfriend's house, which became the new quarters for his stach.

Author Wes

Wes and his friend, Shea, were caught by the police for graffiti. While Shea

denied what he had done, Wes couldn't help but cry. However the police officers

decided to give Wes and Shea a second chance. Wes vowed he would never do

something as reckless and stupid again, but in just a few days he was back doing

the same thing.…...

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