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The Other Sister

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The Other Sister The Other Sister, starring Juliette Lewis as Carla Tate, portrays the journey of a mildly mentally challenged young woman. Carla’s family had struggled with her as a child and ultimately decided to send her to a boarding school that was highly specialized in dealing with her disability. Upon graduating, she returns home, and the movie details the journey of the adjustments she and her family must go through. Carla’s Mild Retardation has varying effects on her as well as her family and surrounding community. Carla would be considered mildly mentally challenged. Our book discusses the varying levels of retardation stating that “Individuals who have milder forms of mental retardation can function independently most of the time and when support is needed, it tends to be episodic and short-term” (Mobily & MacNeil, 2002). Throughout the course of the movie, you can see that Carla is striving to be independent. This proves to be more of a struggle for her mother than it is for her. Carla is very determined to go to college upon returning home from boarding school. Though her parents are hesitant at first, they decide to let her try. Carla proves that this is a wise choice when she passes her computer course with a 77. She also pursues the goal of having her own apartment. She meets a friend at school named Daniel; who is also mentally challenged. Carla wins this battle as well. This proves that Carla is able to function independently. Her parents make a reminder list, help pay her rent, and various other tasks that she needs a little help with. Carla’s retardation can also be considered mild due to her behavioral characteristics. Pertaining to behavioral characteristic our book states, “Some of the specific problem areas identified with milder forms of retardation include disruptiveness, attention deficits, low self-esteem, distractibility,…...

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