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How successfully does Beverley Naidoo highlight the themes of immigration and freedom in The Other Side of Truth, and what techniques does she use to involve us in the story? Your answer should refer to such techniques as Narrative Structure, Character, Imagery, Language, Dialogue and Setting.

Beverley Naidoo’s charisma shows in The Other Side of Truth, (first published in 2000) as she talks about the Nigerian Government, and what they’re doing to families like the Solaja’s
The very beginning of page one is quite intense, as Sade’s mother is accidentally shot twice on their door step, the father is a journalist for Speak a Nigerian newspaper and only writes about the truth. Unfortunately the Government don’t like anything he’s been writing so have sent an assassin to finish him off. Only to kill his wife, Sade and her brother Femi are sent to London straight away to stay with their uncle Dele, using fake passports provided by a lady called Mrs Bankole, takes them into London but abandons them upon arrival. The children decided to find their uncle’s collage. Unfortunately when they arrive the receptionist tells them that he is missing. They looked for shelter, and after being scared off by a homeless man they found a video store, and after yet another unfortunate event they end up in an emergency social workers house, for a few nights. After staying for about two or third days they are moved into the King’s house. After a few days Sade decides to go to BBC news and talk to “Mr Seven o’clock news” (Jon Snow) they talk about everything that has happened and “Mr Seven o’clock news” talks about it on the news. Sade and Femi are reunited with their dad.
When I read the first page I was gripped by the story, as it starts with Sade packing her bag, all is fine. Then completely out of the blue the mum screams as two gun shots are fired into the…...

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