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The Great Danger in Doing Right in One Own Eyes

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The great danger of doing what is right in one’s own eyes, is that you are setting yourself up for destruction, because you are not consulting god first, you are following your own understanding of how things should go. We are living in a world today where people going about there on righteousness, as a Christian we suppose to tell them the wages of sin is death but the gift of god is ever lasting life because our way is not gods way and gods way is not our way. When we are doing what’s we think is right in our own eyes we denied god, we don’t trust god to do what he say, so god let us go our way, soon or later things starts to crumble but he still loves us. He won’t us to understand him, and to do his will, being obedient to god is much better than sacrifice. Proverbs – 3: 5 say: trust in the lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding : Proverbs 3:6, in all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths, we can be ignorant of god’s righteousness, we go out seeking to establish our own righteousness, we need wisdom; knowledge understanding, which all of it comes from god. If you are going by what’s right in your own eyes, you will not treat people with love and kindness. You wouldn’t want to help them. You would act like you are in control of your own life. Yes this is still occurring in our society today. In our justice system, in our government, they think they are doing right in there own eyes. They should ask god for wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as Solomon did. 1 Kings Chapter 3: verse 9,” therefore give to your servant an understanding heart to judge your people. That I may discern between good and evil for is able to judge these great people of yours.” Verse 10 “the speech pleased the lord, that solo man had asked these things. God showed favor on solo because he didn’t ask nothing for his self, but only to serve…...

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