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InterClean Sales Staff HR Summary

Sales Force HR Summary Number of Employees 45
Years of Experience at InterClean 20 or more = 9
11 – 19 = 9
5 – 10 = 3
1 – 4 = 18
Less than 1 = 6
Years of Experience in the Industry 20 or more = 9
11 – 19 = 12
5 – 10 = 9
1 – 4 = 15
Less than 1 = 0
Educational Level Graduate Degree = 3
Baccalaureate + = 3
Baccalaureate = 3
Associate Degree = 12
Some College = 15
High School Diploma = 9
Age Range 60+ = 3
50 – 59 = 6
40 – 49 = 18
30 – 39 = 6
20 – 29 = 9
19 or younger = 3
Ethnicity African American = 6
Asian American = 3
Caucasian = 27
Hispanic = 9
Native American = 0
Other = 0

Annual Training Completed—Job related (see description A below) 20 or more hours = 6
10-19 hours= 9
5-10 hours= 18
4 hours or less= 12

Sales Force HR Summary
Annual Training Completed—general and non-job related (see description B below) 20 + hours = 3
10-19 hours= 6
5-10 hours= 30
4 hours or less= 6
Skills Inventory: Contract related (see description C below) Number of the Staff who rate in each achievement percentile*:

90th percentile: 9

75th percentile: 9

50th percentile 18

35th percentile: 9

20th percentile or below: 0
Skills Inventory: Computer/software
(see description D below) Number of the Staff who rate in each achievement percentile*:

90th percentile: 0

75th percentile: 6

50th percentile: 24

35th percentile: 15

20th percentile or below: 0
Skills Inventory: Leadership (see description E below) Number of the Staff who rate in each achievement percentile*:

90th percentile: 3

75th percentile: 3

50th percentile: 18

35th percentile: 21

20th percentile or below: 0

Sales Force HR Summary
Skills Inventory: Customer Service (see description F below)…...

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