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Strengthening Others for Team Excellence

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Strengthening Others for Team Excellence
February 25, 2014

Leadership in terms of group dynamics and long-term cohesiveness is a constantly shifting, evolving, and devolving situation. In some situations, a leader will better serve their team by reserving their proactive side in favor of a more passive reactive approach. In other tasks, a leader may best serve their team by diving into a team effort proactively or interactively. “The leader has a special responsibility for functioning in a manner that will help the group achieve effectiveness” (Northouse, 2012, p.290). Modern leadership will likely require a prospective leader to outline each task or expectation individually in order to maximize the effectiveness of every team member in relation to their personal strengths or weaknesses in a given area. A successful leader will likely need to identify the “complementary concepts and practices” that will lead to group advancement. I believe the word complementary is perfect for defining the most desirable role of the modern leader. The word complementary is defined as “combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another.” ("Complementary," n.d.). Leaders of the past were expected to deeply govern the schedules and expectations of each employee from a micro managerial perch. Leaders today are expected to develop employees both individually and collectively from multiple perspectives ranging from professional to personal to psychological. What this means in terms of leadership is that organizations are looking to eliminate the long standing dynamic that lead many employees to feel or believe that a workplace is a sort of oppositional environment that more or less pits hierarchy versus subordinates. If leadership hopes to be ultimately successful in creating and maintaining a harmonious workplace then there…...

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