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Strategic Plan, Part Iii: Balanced Scorecard Paper

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You had excellent objectives. You paper was written well...only a couple small errors. You had your references...but you need to make sure the references and citation are formatted according to APA guidelines. Late papers are really really hurting your grade.

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Measureable outcomes to be achieved within a set time frame are defined strategic objectives. Strategic objectives contain a diversity of characteristics, extending from procuring a business to new heights, advancing the organization in the direction set out by the mission statement. The Chemistry Consulting (n.d.) website states, during strategic objective sessions it’s important to ensure that objectives can work within the framework of the mission, value and goal statements developed earlier in the planning process, and that the organization develops specific strategic measures or benchmarks to asses how well it does in obtaining its objectives. Balanced Scorecard

|Perspectives |Objectives |Measurements |Targets |
|Financial |Maximum Returns |Return on Equity |15% |
| |Revenue growth |% Change in revenues |+13% |
| |Utilization of Assets |Utilization rates |11% |
|Customers |Customer Retention |Retention % |80% |
| |Customer satisfaction |Survey…...

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