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Starbuck-Going Global Fast

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1. Identify the controllable and uncontrollable elements that Starbucks has encountered in entering global markets. *
The Controllable elements that make Starbucks has encountered entering the global market are face the same problems or almost similar with Starbucks domestic market. The controllable elements usually are the marketing mix (4P's), which consist of products, price, place and promotion. First the product name of Starbucks and its brand image can be adjusted in order to adapt into one cultural tastes and expectation. Next, the pricing of Starbuck products is reasonable with the foreign current rates and also their overall country income. Then, Starbuck is also able to take part in market research to be sure Starbucks products can be fit in the right international locations. Besides providing foods and drinks, Starbucks also provide the experience for customers in all around the world. As an example in China, customers in this country prefer to have tea rather than coffee. In this case, Starbucks have to adapt into their country's culture and thus originated some other drinks which can fulfill the needs and demand for customers in China.

At all times, there are some elements occurred to be an uncontrollable elements to Starbucks organization itself in entering global market. The political, economy and cultural issues in the foreign countries can occurred at any time and therefore, these are few elements which take into consideration when Starbucks trying to adapt into the foreign market. At any time, the foreign countries governments may change their fiscal and monetary policies that caused sudden change in Starbucks operation. Therefore, it has given a big impact on Starbucks. Another example is during economic depression country like Japan, revised in customers' income and pulled down which caused Starbucks in losing instead of gaining profit…...

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