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Q 1. Basic Approach 1 Q 2. Tools & Techniques 2 Q 3. Additional Information Required 6 Q 4. Recommendations 7
Q 1. Basic Approach

▪ Since we have allot of data, but not much clear information, therefore we need to analyse all that data available and convert to a more easier charts and graphs that will be easy to compare and present to Joel Wisner.

▪ However, before the data to be analysed, we need to prepare and translate the data to be ready to analysis. This will involve taking the completed questionnaires and putting them into a format that can be summarised and interpreted.

▪ The first step, is to get the weighing of the data available and sort in descending order, subsequently will calculate the percentage of frequency (occurrence) and cumulative of the frequency.

▪ Analysing the survey results is done in order to answer the original questions asked in the survey card; it allows us to draw conclusions.

▪ Will present the data that was collected during the survey in a few tools that will be easier to read and compare.

In this survey, will use- - Pareto Chart, - Bar Graph, - Pie Chart: This will show the points with the highest consideration. - Check Sheet: combine the open-ended questions into the similar categories, this helps to choose the open-ended comments relating to the points, which need improvement.

Q 2. Tools & Techniques

The Tools used in presenting the data are;-

1. Pareto Chart (Fig 2.1)

2. Pie Chart (Fig 2.2)

3. Bar Chart (Fig 2.3)

4. Check Sheet (Fig 2.4)

5. Pie Chart (Combined) (Fig 2.5)

6. Bar Chart (Combined) (Fig…...

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