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Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Semester 1, 2009

Logistics for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry: Logistics for the Food Service Industry

Assessment 2 – Research and Reflective Analysis Report

Stores Management Operational Plan
Escape Hotel

Lecturer: David Craven-Kalber
Student Name: Su Yu Hsu
Student ID Number: HSU06138476
Due Date: Monday 18th of May, 2009.

Table of Contents
Techniques Employed6 2. ORDERING7
Authorized Personnel7
Type of Ordering Regime7
Document Preparation8 3. GOODS RECEIVING1
Food Hygiene10-11
Goods Rejection12-13



‘Escape Hotel’ is a five-star hotel located in the Melbourne CBD with 800 guest rooms. It has three Food Operations: * Grill and Lounge: serving innovative International cuisine daily for dinner and specialty cocktails. * The Coffee Bar: provide coffee, juices, muffins, morning bagels, cakes and sandwiches. It is open for breakfast and lunch every day. * Sakura Japanese Restaurant: offers the finest in Japanese cuisine. It has a Teppanyaki Bar with skilled and experienced chefs. The Menu contains teriyaki dishes and sushi along with other traditional meals.
This paper is a research and reflective analysis report which investigate and evaluate practical operational imperatives to maximize commodity usage and as well as to maximize organisational performance. A stores management operational plan will be included in this report break into three sections: 1) stock taking, 2) ordering and 3) goods receiving.

Many organizations use a computer-based…...

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