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Self-Fulfillment Prophecy

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Self-fulfillment prophecy McShane & VonGlinow (2013) state that “A self-fulfillment prophecy occurs when our expectations about another person cause that person to act in a way that is consistent with those expectations” (p.80).
The self-fulfilling prophecy is a statement that changes actions and therefore comes true. For example, if a person state that he or she is probably going to have a lousy day. It might change his or her actions so that such a prediction is fulfilled by his or her actions. If a person who might espouse a self-fulfilling prophecy in a positive way just like he or she is going to have a great day. It might acts in ways that will actually make this prediction true. In China, there are some people trusting in fate. That is why there are so many fortune tellers in China. These fortune tellers will tell people what will happen on you. In the next days, most people will think about the fortune. And then the family members or friends around them will find these people miss a lot and just focus on the fortune until the fortune comes. During that time, these people will change their life style but they don’t even know. That is a kind of self-fulfillment prophecy. My grandma is one of that people who is living in such a dream and hoping they will have a better life in their next life.
The “self-fulfilling prophecy” is conceptually linked to another important social science idea brought back to life by Merton: the idea originally dubbed the Thomas Theorem (after its author, W. I. Thomas) that holds: “If you believe things are real, they are real in their consequences.” (From University Discoveries)
A self-fulfilling prophecy can be directed at single person, teams or organizations. Our thoughts can dramatically change our behavior. Our behavior, in turn, can affect the likelihood of getting things we want, the frequency with which we engage in self-destructive activities, and our ability to make good decisions. Similarly, our behavior can affect others, particularly people over whom we have authority or with whom we spend significant amounts of time.
I trust that everything has two sides. It can be good or bad. So does self-fulfillment prophecy. In China, the fortune tellers always tell other people about bad things such as “You will have a disaster in the next month. If you want to solve this problem, you need to pay me.” That is the way how the fortune tellers make money. But as a manager, we need to use self-fulfillment prophecy in a positive way. There are four steps in the self-fulfillment prophecy. It is almost like our actions impact others beliefs, others beliefs cause others actions, others actions reinforce our beliefs, and our beliefs influence our actions (2012 by Carolyn Kaufman). That is why supervisors need to form expectations about the employee. The more positive expectations these supervisors form, the better outcome these supervisors can get. Everything the supervisors need to do is doing like the fortune tellers, telling the employees they will have a perfect future if they work hard and they will achieve goals one by one.
During this process, supervisors are not only helping the employees, but also helping themselves. Because the self-fulfillment prophecy is a cycle, it starts from the mangers and it also ends with the mangers. Then the self-fulfillment prophecy will start again. Successful businessmen are always helping and affecting others. That is why we can find such a character in successful businessmen.
Understanding positive attitudes to use the self-fulfilling prophecy and understanding of the self-fulfilling prophecy has led us to greater life.

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