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The final paper- what is the criteria for marking? Well I would ask you to review the course outline and the criteria should be very obvious....critical analysis, concrete plan for transition using the scholarly framework you are to follow for the paper, internal and external influences which will affect your transition and how you will create a successful transition managing these influences.

Final Major Paper 35% Due July 30th, 2013 at 1200 hrs
Due July 30th, 2013 by 1200 hours and submitted with hard copy to Instructor plus email your paper to the faculty member. Papers must be submitted in Word format. Other formats will not be accepted.

Length of paper: 8 to10 pages, excluding cover page and references, double spaced in 12 point font. Papers exceeding this length will not be graded past the 10th page. APA 6th edition format is required. Deductions up to 10% (i.e. maximum of 4 marks) for inadequate use of this format may be applied.

The paper will provide students an opportunity to craft a plan for achieving success in the transition from RPN to RN. Students are asked to apply the Transition Shock Framework that is presented in Duchscher (2008) to analyze the transition to practice from RPN to RN roles. Students will discuss in detail each of the 4 quadrants of Responsibilities, Knowledge, Relationships and Roles, as well as the overarching concepts of Doubt, Confusion, Loss and Disorientation. Students are required to demonstrate a deeper level of understanding of how this framework supports the role transition expected of them from the profession, the Regulatory body, their employers and colleagues and themselves. Students are required to use at least 4 of the articles from the reading list and at least 4 peer reviewed articles as applicable. The student must be able to examine and analyse current developments, policies, trends and programmes that may affect role transition within the nursing profession. Meets learning objectives 1-5.

Learning Objectives
By the completion of the course the student will be able to:

1. Apply the concept of transition to role transition within the nursing profession.
2. Apply a mid- range theory of transition to personal reflection and life -long change strategies. 3. Discuss themes of difference, diversity and marginalization with respect to roles within the health care system.
4. Examine and analyze current developments, policies, trends and programmes that may affect role transition within the nursing profession.
5. Demonstrate competency in written and critical analysis…...

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