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The Goal of this summary is to provide Riordan Manufacturing the ability to facilitate business needs for the four divisions within Riordan Manufacturing; Finance and Accounting, Internet Site, Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Legal, and Operations. Finance and Accounting Presently, all four locations use finance and accounting systems to collect, analyze and generate financial data for the company’s sales and revenue reports. This requires the company to manually generate reports, re-enter data and convert this data to compatible formats for the corporate headquarters to process. Each manufacturing entity uses similar subsystems such as procurement, order entry, invoice and shipping. The invoice subsystem will need to interface with the accounts receivable component. These systems feed into the sales and purchasing history, accounts receivable and accounts payable. The procurement, accounts payable and accounts receivable then are provided to the general ledger. Payroll is a separate subsystem that connects to the general ledger. Procurement is the obtaining of the necessary raw materials and supplies and this system needs to keep track of what is on order and in house. The order entry system records all of the customer’s orders. Order entry then provides data to the invoice system for correct billing. Accounts payable keeps tabs on making payments obtained via the procurement system while accounts receivable records customer payments on their invoices. The general ledger combines all the other subsystems along with additional income, debt payments, and expenses. Data from the general ledger will then contain the information required for financial reporting and for auditing needs. All financial reporting will also have to comply with current government reporting regulations including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (PCAOBUS, 2002). It is recommended that Riordan…...

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...Make to Stock Strategy Riordan Manufacturing implements the make to stock strategy in their business. This strategy involves having the manufacturing company match production with consumer demand forecasts. This strategy forecast demand to determine how much stock should be produced. (Jacobs & Chase, 2011). This strategy is beneficial to the company because the fans are seasonal and it allows the company to produce the product during the slow season and can be used during the peak season. This allows for the process to run at a constant rate throughout the year (Jacobs & Chase, 2011). Riordan manufacturing forecast the demand of fans by taking the average of sales for the last three years and extrapolating it into the next year (rorodan 2013). Riordan believes that the same amount of sales will be estimated for the future years. In order to focus on ways to improve Riordan’s current method of operation is by forecasting the customers demand in order to minimize waste Cite tiorodan.). Riordan Manufacturing employs about 550 employees and has projected annual earnings of $46 million. Their sales and production levels fluctuate slightly month over month (Riordan Manufacturing, 2013). Riordan has a stable work force and has enough employees to be able to produce the demand for the goods. Riordan hires the right amount of employees to avoid the tangible and intangible costs of hiring and laying off employees due to not needing them. This strategy allows the...

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...and have meetings to help the employees understand the need for change. This can take place over time and change can be progressive on a step-by-step basis, so employees do not become overwhelmed. Thus, holding various meetings to ensure the changes are made accordingly will be beneficial to advise employees of the necessary changes. These meetings can be progressive as changes take place, so employees are aware of the changes being made to increase customer satisfaction. This will allow employees to adjust to change as it occurs rather than resisting the changes because they do not understand the reasoning for change. Communication Plan Riordian Manufacturing will be implementing a new customer management system over the next twelve months. All Sales and Marketing employees will utilize the new system. Riordian will be using written communication by sending a memo to each of these employees that outline the areas affected by this new system, the need for the change, and the change process. The memo will also include a follow up meeting for all affected employees to attend. The meeting will be a face-to-face training class to help each employee understand the new customer management system that is being implemented. The written communication channel was chosen to show the employees that the implementation team is engaging a lot of effort into this new customer management system. A written memo can be placed on a bulletin board and a copy can be given to......

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...remember that your instructor's preferences for style and format prevail. You will also need to review your own citations and references since WritePoint capability in this area is limited. Please see the other helpful writing resources in the Tutorials and Guides section of the Center for Writing Excellence. Thank you for using WritePoint. Running head: Corporate Compliance Plan for Riordian Corporate Compliance Plan for Riordian Robert Trujillo University of Phoenix Corporate Compliance Plan for Riordian Riordian Manufacturing Inc. makes plastic products through the process of plastic injection molding. The main industries that use Riordian products are automotive parts manufactures, aircraft manufactures, aero space manufactures, beverage manufactures, and home appliance manufactures. The company’s annual revenues are $46 million. The company employs 550 people throughout three plants located in Georgia, Michigan, and China. Research and development is done at the corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. In 2000, Riordian Manufacturing Board of Directors decided to expand its operation in China in order to be more competitive in the global market. After completing an extensive market analysis of all their manufacturing plants, they decided to close the Michigan plant. With the expansion and move the company will have to make some significant changes within the company. The conversion of company policies to......

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