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Business Environment Analysis

Internal Analysis:

The internal situation of a firm consists of factors that shape the firms internal environment and strength and weaknesses. These factors are in the control of the firm. Firms can change co-ordinate, redesign, reestablish these factors according to the organizational needs and objectives. These factors include firm’s products and services, financial management capability, human resource and Capital goods, information technology etc.

Firms products and services

Grameenphone claims itself pioneer in providing world class telecommunication service in Bangladesh with innovative product and services while providing superior customer experience.
Grameenphone serves different types of products and services depending on the categorization of its customer. There are special packages for B2C and B2B customer separately. For B2C customers its services can be categorized into two type of subscription. Those are pre-paid subscription and postpaid subscription. Again prepaid subscription can be subdivided into three plans.

Smile (mobile to mobile connectivity within Bangladesh):

This is the primary package of Grameenphone targeting the economy class segment of the market. The package was designed to suit middle and low income consumer in the market. For instance: Farmer, student, housewives etc. This package features great start up offer to a new subscriber, low call rates, special discount offer entitled as Thank you bonus, special call rate for three friend & family numbers and other facilities. This is very easy to use by the lower education level customers because it has an easy recharge and balance transfer quality.

Smile PSTN (nationwide and international mobile and land line connectivity):

This package also contains the same attributes of Smile but it also has some elaborated leverage of…...

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