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Wal-Mart Leadership Whether it's the environment, product sourcing, healthcare, wages, community involvement or diversity, Wal-Mart is investing in the future. Even with this huge success, Wal-Mart has received criticism over numerous issues, not the least of which is its size. To better understand critics and Wal-Mart’s impact on the world and society, the leadership and management team spent a year meeting with and listening to customers, associates, citizen groups, government leaders, non-profit and non-government organizations, and other concerned individuals.
Social-Environmental Responsibility Wal-Mart’s environmental goals are simple and straightforward:
1. To be supplied 100 % by renewable energy.
2. To create zero waste.
3. To sell products that sustains our resources and environment. Wal-Mart is planning to execute a broad slate of new initiatives this year under the leadership of an executive team that during the past 18 months was impacted by scandal, retirement, burnout, restructuring and an influx of new hires. The sweeping transformation that resulted among senior management requires a scorecard to keep track of who's who and who's new. “Leadership is not about looking over your shoulder and living in the past. It is about looking over the horizon and envisioning the future,” Scott said. Wal-Mart would continue to demonstrate leadership and work for change on major issues important to Wal-Mart’s customers, communities, associates and suppliers worldwide. Wal-Mart can take a leadership role, get out in front of the future, and make a difference that is good for our business and the world. Wal-Mart sees the impact that rising energy costs have on customers who must choose between filling their gas tanks or buying food and medicine. In the coming months and years, the company will work to extend its mission of saving people money…...

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