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Raising Children in the 21st Century Instructor - Tranita Jackson
Outline Form (Journal)
II. Drawing our Children's Social Maps
A. To evaluate the quality of a child's life, a social definition of development has been established, this focuses on the child's relationships and is used. This is called a social map.
B. Children are shaped by the environment and surroundings (behaviors) - this is called Economic Press. Violent cultures can lead to aggression in a child. Small towns for example can lead to a frendlier, stronger feeling of neighborliness and a more pleasant upbringing.
C. Paying attention to what children see, hear, and how they feel about the world
D. We must protect children from premature adolescence - clothing, language, TV & social activities
E. Let the child take childhood at a child's pace. Work together as parents, community, and professionals to protect childhood playtime, innocence.
III. Stability - Making Families Strong
A. Appreciation - Strong families show love, caring, warm, positive support and encourage each other, they do not reject and destroy their children's self esteem and drive.
B. Good communication - Have family discussions, reading time, heart to heart talks, explaining principles to young children openly. Be a good listener and offer positive advice.
C. Spend time together - Turn off the TV, Radio, Computers, Cell phones, and spend quality time together. Avoid isolating each other with technology or other distractions. Take part in family activities such as walks, camping, picnics, outdoor activities, exercise, sit at the dinner table together and incorporate healthy diets and. Play board games for fun. Provide structure for children at home with chores and set boundaries, they will want that structure.
D. Religion - going to church together may provide unity and a spiritual base for the whole family. May decrease depression, trouble and provide a path of positivity for children.
E. Commitment - Dual parent homes are key to providing stability in the home. Working to decrease instances of Divorce will assist in providing a safe, secure, loving home for children. Provide pre-marriage counseling, more difficult divorce procedures including marriage therapy, etc.
IV. Security - Making Our Kids Safe
A. Violence has become such a strong force in the upbringing of children between watching it on television shows and in movies and because it is used of it for conflict resolution and punishment. The overall uncertainty of security has left children feeling unsafe.
B. The 3 “Secrets” discussed show how when a child does not have security during their childhood is leads to violence in their adult life. Childhood trauma leaves a permanent stain on a person.
C. Dantrell’s Secret talks about how important a child’s relationship is with their parents. Instances where parents are taken away from their children or they just don’t have an active relationship can be very traumatic for a child. This will affect them later in life with how they handle distressing situations as well as their sense of security.
D. Positive discipline and positive reinforcement goes a long with a child. They will be able to learn from their mistakes while feeling secure that they can come to their parents for help.
E. Children who are raised without violent television in non-violent homes will be able to find life’s problems to be controllable. The involvement parent’s take to make their kids feel safe goes a long way in a child’s sense of security.
V. Affirmation and Acceptance - Creating Identity for Children
A. Self-esteem is comprised of affirmation, acceptance, accountability, and identity. Overall, how others perceive us impacts our self-esteem.
B. A child’s identity is greatly impacted by their relationship with their parents and teachers. The more attention and time given to the child improves their self-esteem. Children also look to television shows for affirmation and identity. The shows today have greatly changed from what was on TV in the 1950’s. TV was much more wholesome and family oriented in the 50’s.
C. Some smaller schools allow all children interested in the activity to join the team/group. This allows for them to learn something new while being accepted in the positive environment. This acceptance affirms the child’s behavior which in turn improves their overall self-esteem.
D. High school is a time in a child’s life where important self-development occurs. Smaller schools and smaller classrooms allow for more one on one time with the teachers and coaches. That attention allows for one’s identity to develop.
E. Large high schools tend to segregate the elite from the marginal. This leaves one small group with a great sense of self while the outsider’s self-esteem can suffer. The marginal students in turn exist in a more toxic environment as they are left to flounder on their own without the support of teachers or the affirmation from teammates.
VI. Time Together - Making Human Beings Human
A. The way a child is parented results in what kind of person that child grows up to be. Children need ample amounts of quality time with their parents. A child’s time spent with their parent is much more crucial than time spent with peers or watching television.
B. Many families are time poor now because both parents work so there is less time to spend with their kids. Parents have to weigh the costs to stay home with their children. Women are feeling the pressure to provide for their family financially so many have gone to work. This puts a lot of pressure on the children to take care of themselves and leads to them feeling like failures if they cannot handle it. It forces children to grow up too quickly.
C. The way children are passed over by their parents runs over to the workplace. Employers feel as though they aren’t responsible for the wellbeing of their employees. The families aren’t stepping in to help either. All of this neglect is a threat to humans.
D. Nowadays, families are so busy with their extracurricular activities. Parents would rather have their kids in teams and groups so that they can become successful later on in life rather than letting them play or spend family time together. Children don’t get the much needed attention from their parents so they do what they can to get it.
E. With divorce, dual working families, and so many activities children have a lot of children placed upon them. I think we should let kids be kids and relieve some of that unneeded stress. Families would benefit from spending more time together and being more flexible.
VII. Values and Community - Becoming Part of the Bigger Picture
A. Parents need to show and guide their children true values and Morals and not just talk about them. Parents are role models.
B. Currently countries such as the USA are very Consumerist and we buy, buy, buy. Quantity is expected now instead of quality. Even poor people will spend their last few dollars on an expensive pair of designer shoes.
C. Family Commitment - essential in successful families. Family members over-extend their time and energy with after school activities, work, school, time with friends, hobbies and recreation. Many people do not choose family over their interests.
D. Religion can help institute Values for family members. The belief system will help solidify spiritual values. People feel better when they have a sense of purpose as opposed to merely existing in the world.
E. Parents must take responsibility for their children. Communities need to be a part of families lives. There are volunteer and community programs that promote a unified community. When children participate in these activities they learn that the community cares about them and gives back. That feeling will be returned back to the community in the same way.
VIII. Access to Basic Resources - Achieving Economic Justice
A. Poverty means that the basic needs are not being met or families. Typically children do not know they are poor until it is identified.
B. Poverty is more than not having expensive gadgets and clothing. It shapes their psyche.
C. Children who grow up poor in poverty stricken areas are in environments with harsher conditions (Factory and Industrial plants) which are more affordable to live in but more hazardous. Low income populations are more likely to be exposed to chemical and radioactive waste, polluted air and water. Children growing up in these types of areas typically develop more maltreatment, learning disabilities and academic failure.
D. Families in the 1960's were often two parent households who survived on one income. Minimum wage put a family of three above the poverty line in the 60's.
E. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There are a lot of politics involved in the financial world and the poor are usually the last to get assistance despite political promises.
IX. Thriving - Taking Responsibility for the Future
A. Risk of Children - Chronic poverty, unexpected death of a relative , living in an unsafe neighborhood, experiencing a traumatic once-in-a-lifetime disaster, experiencing all of these risks all at once.
B. Risks jeopardize overall development, children are more sensitive to toxic influences, intelligence suffers and below average IQs in children. Children in Risk environments achieve less, suffer from low self esteem, higher levels of aggression. Rejection damages self-worth, becoming less social and more destructive themselves and others. Children will have a better chance for success if they at least have opportunities.
C. Children with risk need smaller schools, higher education and job opportunities when they become adults, safer environments/neighborhoods away from gang activity, drugs and crime.
D. Children need to thrive more than just cope. Children can cope with bad situations but may not deal with the developing problems until later in life.
E. There are seven themes for successful coping and resilience - children need personal anchors (stable relationships), cognitive competence (a least an average IQ), success (builds confidence), active coping (need to be taught positive strategies for coping), positive temperament (shy children need encouragement and guidance for interaction with others), social climate (needs positivity at home and school), additional support (outside of the home such as a neighbor, close relative - someone other than a parent or educator that the child may seek guidance from).…...

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