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Questionaire on Matrimonial Sites

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|As a part of term project of Research Methodology course, we are carrying out a survey on “User perception of e-Matrimony services”. |
|Please fill-up this questionnaire. |
|We assure that your response will remain confidential. |
| |
|- |

Please put a mark X against your choice:

1. Age (in years)
|18-21 |22-25 |26-30 |31-35 |>35 |
| | | | | |

2. Gender
|Male |Female |
| | |

3. Education
|Upto HSC/SSC |College experience but not|Professional Degree / PG |Other Graduate / PG courses (BA / |Others |
| |graduate |(Engg / Medical) |BSc / BCom) | |
| | | | | |

4. Occupation
|Student | |
|Non-executive | |
|Junior / Middle level executives | |
|Senior executives | |
|Self employed (Business) | |
|Self employed (Industrialist) | |

5. Credit card usage:
|Self | |
|Friends | |
|Never used a credit card | |

6. Internet access
|Home broadband |Home |Office |Cyber cafe |Mobile |Friends place |
| |dial-up | | | | |

7. Using internet for the last ______ (mention period)
|Less than 6 months |6 – 11 months |1-2 years |3-5 years |> 5 years |
| | | | | |

8. Internet usage in hours per week
|Up to 5 hours |5-10 hours |11-20 hours |>20 hours |
| | | | |

9. City of birth : _________________________
10. Present city : ___________________________
11. Religion : ___________________________
12. Caste (Optional) : ___________________________
13. Other activities through internet (can give more than one choice also)
|Email | |
|Chatting | |
|General search | |
|Research | |
|News online | |
|Jobs | |
|Stocks / Shares | |
|Others | |

14. Online financial transaction activities (can give more than one choice also):
|Auctions | |
|Stock trading | |
|Banking | |
|Shopping | |
|Bill payments | |
|Charity | |

15. Online matrimonial activities (can give more than one choice also):

|Only browsed through profiles | |
|Posted a profile | |
|Responded to a profile | |
|Paid for access to the profile | |
|Never | |

16. How many online matrimony sites you have used / visited:

|1 |2 |3 |4 |> 4 |
| | | | | |

17. Who has created the profile:

|Self |Parents |Siblings |Friends |Others |
| | | | | |

18. How much is it worth (in Rs) to pay for 1 month’s usage of online matrimony site for viewing profile and contact details of registered users:

|100-300 |301-500 |501-700 |701-1000 |>1000 |
| | | | | |

|S No |Issue in the conventional systems |Strongly|Disagree|Neutral |Agree |Strongly|
| | |Disagree| | | |Agree |
|20 |The process of matchmaking was slow | | | | | |
|21 |Information provided by intermediaries was not reliable | | | | | |
|22 |Coping-up with the changing socio-economic condition was not possible | | | | | |
|23 |To-be-married person had no say in the decision making process | | | | | |
|24 |Decision making system was not free of pressure from other relatives | | | | | |
|25 |Marriage of over-age people was not feasible | | | | | |

Rank the following expectations in their order of importance as you perceive:
[From 1 - Most preferred to 5 - Least preferred]
|S No |Expectations from e-matrimony services |Rank |
|26 |Authenticity of the details provided | |
|27 |Confidentiality of data | |
|28 |Affordability of service | |
|29 |User friendliness of portal | |
|30 |Provision of associated services | |

|S No |Satisfaction level with existing e-matrimonial sites |Dissatis|Somewhat|Neutral |Somewhat|satisfie|
| | |fied |dissatis| |satisfie|d |
| | | |fied | |d | |
|32 |Confidentiality measures available on the sites | | | | | |
|33 |Profiles’ availability | | | | | |
|34 |Services provided vis-à-vis Charges | | | | | |
|35 |Overall level of satisfaction | | | | | |

|S No |Do you think e-matrimonial sites |Strongly|Disagree|Neutral |Agree |Strongly|
| | |Disagree| | | |Agree |
|37 |Help in mitigation of dowry | | | | | |
|38 |Have converted marriage into commodity-like business | | | | | |
|39 |Are helping in overcoming caste-barriers | | | | | |
|40 |are causing conflicts in the families (Role of elderly people is diluted) | | | | | |

|S No |Further expectations |Strongly|Disagree|Neutral |Agree |Strongly|
| | |Disagree| | | |Agree |
|42 |Video conferencing service should be provided between prospects for fast | | | | | |
| |matchmaking | | | | | |
|43 |Portals should actively involve in community services e.g. “Parichay | | | | | |
| |sammelan”, “Mass marriages” etc. | | | | | |
|44 |These services should take more steps to increase acceptability by elder | | | | | |
| |generation | | | | | |

45. Any other suggestion(s) for improvement: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Personal Details (Optional):

Name : _________________________________ Contact No. : _________________________________ Email id : _________________________________…...

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