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My Decision to pursue MBA decision to start MBA is one step to reach my personal goal and in order to further my managerial career.

I completed my bachlor of engineering in computer technology in 2002. I start my career as marketing executive in 2000 i.e. before completing my bachlor as I comleted my bachlor I join a software firm siliconswift software solution as software engineer but I were alwayes want to be a management person so I did what ever I can do to be a part of management team and I accomplish that goal with in two years and became a business development manager which was my first goal of carrer. After working as BDM for one year, managing development team, working with clients,etc I always feel lack of management skills, what ever I learn with siliconswift software solution is not saficient for me.
I talked to my program manager Ajay Rathore and he is the first person who suggest me to go for MBA. he said that if my real goal is to a successfull manager I have to go for MBA.

The decision to pursue an MBA was difficult to make and there were many factors to consider.
Those factors include timing, expenses, being out of school for a long time and simply having the motivation.
The rewards are endless and far out weigh the aforementioned factors. Earning a degree is important because it improves quality of life, expands knowledge, it’s a great investment towards a great career, and it gives a sense of accomplishment.

After comming to America I always wanted to get MBA graduate degree that will help reach my personal and profesional goal and my job career move.when I came across this this MBA program in University of Phoenix, it was evident that it was the right time to deside and pursue the MBA program not only to reach my personal goal however, it can assist me in becoming a more eficient leader in my current…...

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