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Physical Activities

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Physical Activities

SCI/241 Nutrition
Professor Bennett
November 20, 2009 University of Phoenix – Axia What type of exercise would be effective to lose weight? I found in trying different exercises routines, one that is most effective in burning calories and is easy to do is walking. Studies have shown that walking approximately three miles per hour, usually a brisk walk can effectively burn calories. However, rule of thumb is to walk about 10,000 steps or more per day. This can be accomplished with the use of a pedometer, a device the counts steps. I would recommend some changes that can increase the amount of energy burned in day to day activities is adding some light jogging to your routine. In addition, walking up steps in your home usually will increase your heartbeat and will burn more calories, or perhaps joining a gym to add some cardiovascular exercises to your routine. I find the exercises that work best for me are walking and weightlifting. My goal everyday is walking 10,000 steps or more per day, everyday. Three times I week I will add weightlifting to my routine. I do not have a weight concern, however, I prefer to reduce my body fat percentage down to a single digit number and increase my muscle size. Most exercises can be a performed year round, with the exception of running or jogging, which inclement weather can interfere. However, if even then, jogging can be performed at a gym on a treadmill. Weightlifting has no interference from inclement weather, so it can be performed year round. I found that with a clear understanding of eating right in addition to an effective exercise routine, great results could be achieved. Sometimes weightlifting can be a tedious task, however, being creative in trying different exercises will keep your momentum and determination going.…...

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