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Perfectly Competitive Supply

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Problems Associated with Plastics in the Ocean – Marney

Plastic particles in the oceans attract toxins. These enter the food chain; we are at the top of that food chain. (Plastic Oceans, 2010)

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Reference (Harvard):
1. Plastic Oceans, 2010, 31/05/2013, <>

“The Trash Vortex: The trash vortex is an area the size of Texas in the North Pacific in which an estimated six kilos of plastic for every kilo of natural plankton, along with other slow degrading garbage, swirls slowly around like a clock, choked with dead fish, marine mammals, and birds who get snared.” (Greenpeace, 2013)

The useful plastic that we throw away so carelessly has reached annual figures of 100 million tonnes, it is estimated that at least 10% of this ends up in our oceans. It is in the ocean that the once durable and useful plastics we use everyday become death traps for hundreds of species of marine wildlife as they becoming entangled within it or it becomes entangled inside them, causing a slow and painful death (Greenpeace, 2013).

The Week
10% of fish in the ocean are thought to have plastics in their stomachs.

Sea Skater (or Halobates sericeus) numbers are booming because the plastics in the ocean give them more places to lay eggs. This causes a problem because the masses of sea skaters eat plankton and fish larvae, causing a massive disruption to the food available to ocean life and their population numbers. (The Week, 2012)

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