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Megan Patterson
IS4560 Monday E1 Class
Week 1-Penetration Test Plan
June 17, 2013

Attack and Penetration Test Plan
Megan Patterson
June 17, 2013

External Penetration testing tests the security surrounding externally connected systems from the Internet, as well as within a corporate network. Controlled tests are used to gain access to Internet resources and ultimately to the DMZ, which is an internal network; by going through and around firewalls from the Internet. External Penetration Testing involves the finding and exploitation of actual known and unknown vulnerabilities from the perspective of an outside attacker. The External Attack and Penetration testing Process is as follows: * Phase 1-Discovery * Analysis * Footprint * Identify * Phase 2-Services * Ping * Map * Scan * Phase 3-Enumeration * Extract * Collect * Intrusive * Phase 4-Application Layer Testing * Manual * Depth * Blind * Phase 5-Exploit * Attack * Penetrate * Compromise

The purpose of the External Attack and Penetration testing plan is to outline on what to do for an external penetration test within a corporate network.
The goals for this plan if it is successful, is that to go ahead and deploy whatever the tester is testing after documentation has been written, saved, and reviewed by the IT staff. If the plan is not successful, then the tester needs to go through the steps of retesting the application and correcting any bugs that are present in the application.
Penetration testing will occur when any new patch, version, or new application is developed or deployed.

Lab 1 Questions 1. Formulate the plan, do some recon, launch the attack, evaluate the results, source 2. Run a scan, look at the logs 3. Ping, map 4. By that it can gain information on what goes in and…...

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