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Overview of Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted living is a fairly new and unique part of the long term care continuum of services. The goal of assisted living is to maximize the independence of older adults while living in a homelike environment. This paper will provide an overview of assisted living facilities including the number of facilities and residents, costs, services, and growth expectations. Challenges with oversight and regulations will be discussed as well as solutions to the problem. Challenges and solutions for staffing and training issues will also be discussed. The paper will also highlight “In Loving Hands Assisted Living” which is a local assisted living facility that I called and visited to aid in my research. I will give an overview of the Fort Washington area in terms of older adults and the long term care market. The challenges with this provider are marketing and staffing for which I suggest low cost advertisement and comprehensive staffing patterns. Lastly, a conclusion and summary are provided for the current state and future of assisted living facilities.

Overview of Assisted Living
While the definition of assisted living facilities vary from state to state, this type of facility is generally defined as “a housing option that involves the delivery of professionally managed, supportive services and depending on state regulations, nursing services in a group setting that is residential in character and appearance” (Evashwick, 2005, p 152). Assisted living facilities serve as a way to provide care to people who are having difficulty living independently, but do not require daily nursing services, or the amount of intensive medical and nursing care provided in nursing homes (University of Maryland, 2004). In Maryland, an assisted living provider is defined as:
A residential or facility-based provider that provides housing and supportive…...

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