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Operations Strategy and Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management: Challenges, Remedies and the Impact of change - Overview


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Laureate Online Education & University of Liverpool – Online Masters Degree
Partial fulfillment for the award of Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Operations and Supply Chain Management

Instructor: Professor Anshuman Khare


I am delighted to say thanks my Instructor Professor Anshuman Khare for your professional support and supervision all through this module including this project work for your encouragement is commendable.
The learning acquired through interaction with my course mate has been tremendous, I therefore say thanks to my entire class mate. I also appreciate all authors whose works aided me in this project. I am sincerely indebted to all of you.
To God, I say thanks for your kindness and support for this programme.

Adawari Josiah Jumbo


This research was carried out to find out the challenges and the economic and operational impact of change on supply chain, including the options available to improve the challenges and create increased performance on the chain.
To drive home the study we focused on PHRC Limited in Nigeria. We also undertake a comprehensive review of current literatures in the topic area as to lay ground work for the study. We equally adopted narrative and descriptive methods in analyzing the data generated.
Through the study, we find out that supply chain faces a lot of challenges such as uncertainty in operations, inadequate or in some cases complete absence of technological input, effect of bullwhip arising from various fluctuations in…...

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