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Man and Clinical Experimental
Freedom is essential attribute of human being. From creation man has been giving authority to subdue and have dominion over everything in the universe, so therefore, the attempt by medical scientists to cure and have dominion over all diseases can be justify on one hand and on the other hand there are a lot of question to be answered concerning the process use in performing their activities moral laxity and disregard for human dignity to answer by so many of their activities.
In an attempt by scientists to cure a good number of diseases they have dehumanized mankind. Man has become their tools, man has become a toy that they play with as they like, man has become specimen for experimentation. In the word of Thomas wall, every time a physician treats a patient the treatment is experimental. No one knows with certainty what the outcome will be. Man has become a means toward an ends . but in an attempt to provide a justification for human experimentation they often refer to the utility principle that holds that an actions is good as much as it produces the greatest happiness for the greatest member of people. The point often stressed is that, it is morally right to make some people scape- goat as to preserve the lives of a greater number than allow many people to suffer as a result of preserving one person through an action.
On contrary, Jide Dasaolu, contended that, society is the aggregation of individual it comprises, the interest of the individual is of primary important as it is the individual happiness that determines the general happiness.
Medical scientists forget the fact that it is the whole community that will bear the death of the person that they used as specimen. And if such person is the bread winner of the family, they turn the whole family to be beggars. Like a finger tip, if one is cut off the whole finger feel the pains. An injury to one is an injury to all.
Scientist might carry out and perfect their experiment on animals on one hand but on the other hand, it is man they will use to ascertain it effectiveness and level of perfection.
Clinical trial of drug on human being to determine the effectiveness of a particular treatment is wrong. It is essential to make progress in the understanding of nature, causation, prevention and treatment of diseases. Human dignity and total respect for the person integrity surpass any societal obligation, be it to the present or future generation.…...

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