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OSI Model Key Terms Table

Define the key terms related to the OSI Model. Describe the functions of any hardware connectivity devices and tools listed.

|Term |Definition |Funcation |
| | |(if applicable) |
|Physical layer |The physical layer, the lowest layer of the|It describes the electrical/optical, |
| |OSI model, is concerned with the |mechanical, and functional interfaces to |
| |transmission and reception of the |the physical medium, and carries the |
| |unstructured raw bit stream over a physical|signals for all of the higher layers. It |
| |medium |provides: |
|Data link layer |The data link layer provides error-free |Link establishment and termination: |
| |transfer of data frames from one node to |establishes and terminates the logical link|
| |another over the physical layer, allowing |between two nodes |
| |layers above it to assume virtually |Frame traffic control |
| |error-free transmission…...

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