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Dr. Nola J. Pender PhD, RN, FAANa nursing theorist who first presented her Health Promotion Model for nursing in her book
HealthPromotion in Nursing Practice
(1982). She developed the idea that promoting optimal health supersedespreventing disease. Pender's theory identifies cognitive-perceptual factors in the individual, such asimportance of health, perceived benefits of health-promoting behaviors, and perceived barriers to health-promoting behaviors. These factors are modified by demographic and biologic characteristics andinterpersonal influences, as well as situational and behavioral factors. They help predict participation inhealth-promoting behavior. The individual's definition of health for himself or herself has more importance thana general statement about health. A major assumption in Pender's theory is that health, as a positive high-level state, is assumed to be a goal toward which an individual strives.
Pender Nursing Theory The Health Promotion Model of nursingNola Pender, former professor of nursing at the University of Michigan, has developed a rational-choice modelof healthcare. This is not really a nursing theory per se, but a psychological look at how human beingsperceive themselves, their health and their ability to change their lifestyles to promote health. As a result of this focus, Pender's model is normally called the "Health Promotion Model" of nursing.

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