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Question 1
a) What legal obligations do you have to ensure the health and safety of yourself and others at work?
Answer: Under work health and safety legislation I have to make ensure of safe premises, safe machinery and materials, safe systems of work, information, instruction, training and supervision and also a suitable working environment and facilities for me as well as others at work.This means I have the responsibility of complying what regulations requires me to or adopt and follow policy which would not breech the act by selecting appropriate action with reasonable precautions.
b) What are the consequences of breaching your duty-of-care obligations?
Answer: Duty of care refers to the responsibility of each person to do everything within their power to ensure a safe and healthy environment at workplace. Disappointment to follow industry code of practice can be used as evidence in proceeding for an office under the act which led to heavy financial penalties or even imprisonment depending on the breaches under the law.

c) What legal obligations does your employer have?
Answer: Under the act, employers are accountable for the workplace heath, safety and welfare of those who work under their direction or guidance. This means company should organize an environment to cater employee’s welfare. This includes having policies and procedures, compliance with all polices and procedures and provides safe work system.

Question 2 a) Discuss the purpose and scope of WHSMS.
Answer: A WHSMS is a set of plans, actions and procedures to systematically manage health and safety in the workplace that is actively endorsed by a committed employer to achieve the Provision of a safe and health workplace and the prevention of illness and injury equally for employees and contractors. Identification of workplace hazards, assessment and control of all risks and Active…...

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