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Network Management Systems
Doniel Lovely
NetW420: Enterprise Network Management
Professor: Winston Park
Devry University
Date: 6/23/2013

Effectiveness and efficiency can at the same time or simultaneously perform at high standards in any given business organization. While effectiveness refers to the levels at which any organization realizes its goals through managing to accomplish set tasks, efficiency is highly related to the magnitude of resources utilized to achieve these goals of the organization. (Daft and Lane, 2008) This is a report set to answer the question, “Which are the various metrics used to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of a network in pursuit of organizational goals?” The report will answer in a detailed manner this aforementioned question.
In PERT, the requirement is that each activity should be provided with three kinds of estimates. These are: Optimistic, Pessimistic and most likely times. Under the PERT procedure, the optimistic time denotes the shortest duration an activity can take to complete (, 2013). Commonly, to determine the Optimistic time three standard deviations are utilized to reduce the level of error in calculating the times. Pessimistic time on the other hand is the longest duration an activity may take to finish. Also, here three standard deviations are applied from the expected time.
The Most likely time is the highest probability that an activity will be through in a given set time. However, this is not the same as the expected time of completion. Therefore, using the three types of estimates, expected time can be computed. This is because PERT, during the time estimation, takes an assumption of beta probability. Thus, the formula below indicates the weighted average to calculate the expected time duration. Take to denote expected time.
An activity in the real life setting may not be a continuous…...

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