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There have been quite a few occasions in life where I felt the need for change or improvement because I always feel that learning is a never ending process and there is always a scope for improvising things. Now I would like to mention one such instance.
I was in class IX when I was nominated by my class teacher for a debate. I was pretty much excited and prepared well for the topic and rehearsed well in front of the mirror since it was my debut in the field of public speaking. But when the D-Day arrived and I was supposed to speak, I became completely blank. I feel it was because of 500 odd eyes staring at me due to which I became nervous and forgot everything I prepared. I could manage a little and spoke something which wasn’t much relevant and systematic according to the flow I thought to present. I felt embarrassed in front of the whole class and was dejected.
Then I felt a need to work on my public speaking because I felt that a successful person needs to be a good orator. Then I consistently use to participate in such activities because it was a problem that can be fixed by facing it again and again. Then in college I use to proactively nominate myself for presentations on various topics. I also engaged myself in Marketing and Relation cell of Incord(Annual Tech Fest Of HBTI Kanpur) which involved interaction with a lot of people and convincing them to invest their money in our event which is definitely a hard nut to crack. My participation in Relation cell also helped me a lot which involved interacting with alumni of our college and ask them to participate in the college event. With history of 90+ years the alumni base of our college is huge and it was a daunting task to find and contact them. This also helped me develop leadership skill and made me a good team player. During my job also I was appreciated for my written and verbal communication skills and was given many opportunities to showcase that with crucial requirements documents given to me to present it to whole team.
This is how I worked on my weakness which is supposedly one of my strength today and gives me a lot of confidence to face the world.…...

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