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|PERSONALITY SPECTRUM I |Name: |Patrina Taylor |Date: |8/18/2010 |

STEP 1. Rank order all 4 responses to each question from most like you (4) to least like you (1). Place a 1, 2, 3, or 4 in the space next to the responses.

1. I like instructors who

a. 4 tell me exactly what is expected of me.

b. 3 make learning active and exciting.

c. 4 maintain a safe and supportive classroom.

d. 4 challenge me to think at higher levels.

2. I learn best when the material is

a. 4 well organized.

b. 3 something I can do hands-on.

c. 2 about understanding and improving the human condition.

d. 3 intellectually challenging.

3. A high priority in my life is to

a. 4 keep my commitments.

b. 4 experience as much of life as possible.

c. 3 make a difference in the lives of others.

d. 4 understand how things work.

4. Other people think of me as

a. 4 dependable and loyal.

b. 4 dynamic and creative.

c. 4 caring and honest.

d. 3 intelligent and inventive.

5. When I experience stress I would most likely

a. 3 do something to help me feel more in control of my life.

b. 2 do something physical and daring.

c. 4 talk with a friend.

d. 4 go off by myself and think about my situation.

6. I would probably not be close friends with someone who is

a. 2 irresponsible.

b. 3 unwilling to try new things.

c. 1 selfish and unkind to others.

d. 2 an illogical thinker.

7. My vacations could be described as

a. 4 traditional.

b. 3 adventuresome.

c. 2 pleasing to others.

d. 3 a new learning experience.

8. One word that best describes me is

a. 4 sensible.

b. 4 spontaneous.

c. 4 giving.

d. 2 analytical.

STEP 2. Add up the total…...

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