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Phone: +33 6 47 95 69 05 ( E-mail:
44 rue Coquillère, 75001, Paris, France

Audencia Nantes - School of Management, Nantes, France 2005 - June 2009
• Master of Science in Management
• Specialization in International Development and Consulting

American University, Washington, DC, USA August - December 2008
• Semester Program in Political Science
• Focus on Foreign Policy of the United States (Middle-East and Europe)

Lycée Marcelin Berthelot, Paris, France 2003 - 2005
• Preparation program for the competitive entrance exams to leading French business schools
• Core subjects: Math, Economics, History, Geography, English, Arabic, Philosophy, and Literature

Neovian Partners (Development and Strategy consulting company) – Paris, France December 2008 - Present


• Developed short-term and long-term strategic goals for a luxury mobile phone brand
• Uncovered, researched and presented eight corporate acquirers to a mid-size industrial company on a strategic alternatives engagement
• Aided a client on a corporate development project (entrance into new geographical markets)
• Developed strategic goals for a client; as a result of the engagement the company entered new security exchange market
• Supported a client's new product launch in Telecom sector through detailed and in-depth market and product research and analysis
• Helped provincial government with development of renewable energy cluster

National Council for US–Arab Relations (Organization dedicated to improving knowledge and understanding of the Arab world) – Washington DC, USA July- November 2008 Consultant • Researched multiple issues relating to Middle Eastern countries, drafted and reported findings in English and Arabic to three senior level staff members
• Helped organize annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference (October 2008, with 700 participants and 150 speakers)

Orange (N°1 Telecommunications company operator in France) – Paris, France January - December, 2007

Assistant to the Product Manager of Roaming

• Co-developed special phone packages targeted at businessmen travelling abroad
• Helped create a partnership with Mondial Assistance (worldwide leader in travel insurance)
• Improved the quality of service abroad (WAP page providing useful informations)

Shell (N°3 Energy and Petrochemical company in the world) – Casablanca, Morocco June - July 2006

Assistant to the Communication Director

• Supported the launch of a new product (Gasoil 350): Communication campaign
• Participated in development of radio ads for the launch of Gasoil 350
• Prepared special event briefs for external advertising agency
• Prepared and analyzed qualitative marketing questionnaire related to launch of Gasoil 350

Languages Spoken
• French (native speaker)
• Arabic (fluent, born and raised in Morocco)
• English (fluent)
• Spanish (basic) Computer Skills
• Proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Internet Research

• As an important member of student body council at Audencia was responsible for organization of student programs and activities
• Member of the female basketball team at Audencia
• Avid traveler: traveled extensively across Europe (UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Luxembourg), America (Canada, US) and Asia (China) acquiring understanding of many diverse cultures.




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Sun City & Sports la constitution de la société - Crédibilité vis-à-vis de investisseurs et partenaires Copyright Sun City & Sports 2007-2008 La SARL Avantage de la SARL à capital variable: - Versement du capital différé (5 ans) - Crédibilité vis-à-vis des investisseurs et partenaires - Pas de capital minimum - Dirigeants et gérants égalitaires => assimilés salariés - Responsabilité des associés limitée au montant de leurs apports - Responsabilité civile ou pénale du/des dirigeant(s) - Décisions statutaires faites en assemblée générale - Charges sociales calculés sur la rémunération • Après consultation d’un juriste et d’un professionnel de la création d’entreprise nous avons donc choisi le statut de SARL. • Ce statut nous a été approuvé par Mlle Thierry Virginie, Conseillère juridique. Copyright Sun City & Sports 2007-2008 Organisation de l’entreprise Claire THOMAS Directeur Général Jérémie MATHE Responsable Marketing et Communication Cyril ROSTAING Comptable Jordan HUBER Directeur Sportif Arnault VERNHET Responsable Commercial Copyright Sun City & Sports 2007-2008 Le capital et sa répartition • Capital propre aux gérants : 5 000 euros par personnes. Actionnaire : 20 000 euros. • Séparation des bénéfices avec l’actionnaire après conseil lors d’une assemblée générale annuelle. Copyright Sun City & Sports 2007-2008 Chronologie de l’immatriculation Enregistrement des statuts dans le mois Publier un avis de constitution dans un journal d'annonces......

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