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Computer Help Desk Support 1

Computer Help Desk Support

The in-house help desk of any organization is important for the assistance of employees. It is vital to any organization’s success that the company’s employees are able to create documents. A help desk is a resource which employees can use to troubleshoot program errors, maneuver through unfamiliar programs, and ask general questions. There are many more uses for the help desk within an organization. The help desk can be an invaluable resource for any employee, regardless of his or her computer experience.

The general process of the help desk is as follows: • The employee calls the help desk with issue or question. • A help desk ticket is created. • The help desk employee either addresses the issue or question or forwards the issue or question to a higher level technical support staff member. • The help desk staff member follows up and ensures the issue or question is resolved. • The help desk employee checks with the employee to make sure there are no more outstanding issues or questions.
The help desk ticket is resolved.

The diversity of today’s workforce provides many opportunities for help desk employees to assist employees with a wide variety of computer application experiences. Familiarity with computer software can greatly differ for employees in which computer software experience is not a required part of their job position. The help desk can save valuable time: time an employee may waste researching troubleshooting information on the Internet or trying to figure out the solution through trial and error.

In today’s workforce, there is an increased need for team projects using computer software (see Figure 1). The employees comprising the teams can more effectively collaborate with the assistance of a help desk. An effective help desk can answer multiple questions and contribute to a more effective final product.

Figure 1. A business team works on a project.
Comstock Image #24787467

One of the most important features of an effective in-house help desk is consistent availability. Many organizations do business on a global level and all employees must have equal access to a help desk. This may necessitate a 24 hour help desk to ensure all employees are supported.

A second important feature of an effective help desk is timely and effective feedback. It is important for employees to get the answers they need in a timely manner so reports or projects can be completed on time. Many employees find themselves balancing multiple projects at once. If the employee cannot complete his or her project because they are waiting for an answer from the help desk, the productivity of the employee and the company may be adversely affected.

In conclusion, an effective help desk can greatly increase the productivity of an employee, a team working on a project, and the overall organization. The definition of a Help Desk and the process of a Help Desk were outlined. In addition to this, the benefit of a Help Desk to a diversified workforce and teams working on a project was described. Lastly, Remember the two effective features of the help desk: c1) consistent availability and 2) timely and effective feedback.…...

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