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|Business/Functional Know how |
|Situation/Task: |Expanding territorial account is a major tool in achieving organizational goals. During October of 2008 Mr.Barredo was the one |
| |responsible in the accreditation of “Activeone” as the newest industrial account in Makati 2. Activeone is a new company that |
| |provides services such as physicians in the industrial setting as well as medicines in the different major call centers in the |
| |country. It has already different brands of Mefenamic acid and Omeprazole in the formulary. Carlo’s goal is to make sure that |
| |the products he is promoting will be included in their formulary. |
|Action: |Mr.Barredo requested discount for Dolfenal and Omepron in order to be competitive as to price. Weekly sales call was conducted |
| |to the formulary members like Dr. Gia Sison and Dr. Kimberly Mahinay. And in order to create brand awareness among the call |
| |center agents, Carlo took the opportunity in participating in their health awareness week on a monthly basis focusing on |
| |diferrent heath issues such as Dyspepsia, Dysmenorrhea and GERD by maning the booth and giving away of premium promotional |
| |materials to two hundred employees as the pass by the lobby of People Support, one of the accounts handled by Active One. And in|
| |order to strengthen the belief of doctors from Active One Health Inc Carlo conducted a Round Table Discussion focusing on GERG |
| |and the role of Omeprazole in spite the proliferation of many classes of Proton Pump Inhibitors the market. |
|Result: |With the competitive price, brand awareness from Activeone physicians and strong relationship with the therapeutic members |
| |dolfenal and omepron were included in the formulary of Active One Health Inc. “ Ponstan “ ( Mefenamic Acid ) and “ Risek “ ( |
| |Omeprazole ) were both dislodged and Omepron and Dolfenal became the housebrand of Mefenamic Acid and Omeprazole . In spite the|
| |credit limit of Active One in Unilab which amounts to P 50,000/month, Carlo was able to achieve P 32,700 worth of Dolfenal sales|
| |and P 34,980 for Omepron in the year 2008 and 2009 respectively. |

|Situation/Task: |At Makati Medical Center, the therapeutics committee conforms to the US FDA standards as to the addition of new drugs in the |
| |formulary and in this regard, the pharmacy department of Makati Medical Center thoroughly evaluates all the necessary documents |
| |for inclusion. Makati Medical Center is very strict as to each of the documents submitted by the pharmaceutical company in which|
| |each of the documents is being carefully scrutinized. “ Ampimax”, (Ampicillin Sulbactam ), being promoted by Carlo did not find |
| |its way last April 2010 as to inclusion in the formulary of Makati Medical Center although Carlo was able to submit all the |
| |documents just in time for the meeting. The reason behind this is that the “Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice” which |
| |came from Korea has no written expiration date in the document. Another reason is that our price offer for Ampimax was not |
| |competitive enough versus the other Ampicillin Sulbactam (Silgram). Carlo did not lose hope and instead, he made up his mind |
| |that he will be able to include Ampimax in the formulary of Makati Medical Center in the next therapeutics meeting. |
|Action: |Carlo immediately asked the help of Ms. Cherry Daza in coming up with the supporting documents as to the expiration date of the |
| |Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice of “Kuen wha” (Korean supplier of Ampimax ). Carlo capitalized with his strong |
| |relationship with the section head of the Surgery Department of Makati Medical Center, Dr. Gerardo Caedo and the therapeutic |
| |head himself, Dr. Noel Rosas. Carlo made it a point to intensify the degree of relationship he has with the two most influential|
| |members of the therapeutics committee of Makati Medical Center. Based on their interest, Carlo on a regular basis, would invite |
| |them to watch the live Worldcup games at Handle bar Makati in which these two doctors will always make themselves available. |
| |With Carlo’s connection with Ms. Concepcion Torres ( pharmacist-stock analyst ), Carlo was able to get the price offer of “ |
| |Silgram “ and in this way Carlo was able to make his price offer for “ Ampimax “ more competitive than “ Silgram “. |
|Result: |Last June 2, 2010, Ampimax was officially included in the hospital formulary of Makati Medical Center. “Unasan”, another |
| |Ampicillin Sulbactam brand was disapproved as to its inclusion because of the competitive price offer of Ampimax and Dr. Noel |
| |Rosas and Dr. Gerardo Caedo strongly endorsed Ampimax during the deliberation. Expected sales of Ampimax vials for Makati |
| |Medical Center this 2010 is P 400,000 based on the Ampimax defined market. |

|Team work and Collaboration |
|Situation/Task: |The Department of Medicine of Makati Medical Center held their team building activity in Laguna last March of 2010. Dr. Odessa |
| |Wilson (chief resident) asked Carlo and the other UL PSRs to come up with a program for the said activity in which the program |
| |comes in a complete package (food, games, prizes and team building exercises). It was the UL PSRs task to meet the expectations |
| |of Dr. Odessa Wilson together with the sixty residents who participated in the meaningful activity. Carlo took the initiative to|
| |divide the workload among his UL counterparts and immediate counterparts in spite of the fact that his counterparts happen to be|
| |his seniors. Such task does not come easy as to being handled by Carlo because it was his first time to organize such event. |
|Action: |Carlo had a meeting with his UL counterparts assigned at Makati Medical Center. Since all of them had no prior experience of |
| |handling a team building activity and so they decided to confide with the human resources department of Unilab in the person of |
| |Ms.Masangkay. Carlo and three of his UL counterparts had a crash course on conducting teambuilding exercises, which promotes |
| |camaraderie among the participants. Since they started from scratch, each role of UL PSR was carefully observed and polished to |
| |perfection to assure the success of the teambuilding. |
|Result: |As the day came for the said event, Carlo and his counterpart divided themselves into two groups because the doctors are having |
| |two batches for the teambuilding. Most of the games conducted were about being one with the team to achieve victory over the |
| |other. After all the games and exercises the internal medicine residents were grateful and appreciative to the efforts done by |
| |Carlo and his counterparts. They were full of praises to all the Unilab PSRs and opted to repeat the same experience with them |
| |next year. At the same time the PSRs were able to build key prescribers in the medicine department. |

|Costumer Focus |
|Situation/Task: |Establishing key prescribers in Makati Medical Center is a no easy task. When Dr.Ernesto Olympia (Gastroenterology Section Head)|
| |was sponsored by Carlo to American Gastroenterology Association last May, he encountered a major blunder. During his wait for |
| |the connecting flight at Los Angeles airport to New Orleans, he noticed that his scheduled flight was after 12 hours. Another |
| |slip-up was made when he was checking-in for the flight to New Orleans he discovered that his name was not registered. Carlo was|
| |able to learn of mistakes that have done when Dr.Olympia returned from trip. |
|Action: |After hearing all the complaints of Dr.Olympia from the trip, Carlo immediately tried to appease him. He begged for forgiveness |
| |and promised Dr.Olympia that he would find out why was the flight scheduled that way. Carlo informed Mr.Ycay (District Manager) |
| |about the gravity of the situation. After careful thought Carlo talked to Ms.Amy the travel agent who booked the flight. Carlo |
| |learned that Ms.Amy overlooked the schedule of the flight and asked Carlo for forgiveness. After careful deliberation of the |
| |situation Carlo asked Ms.Amy to apologize to Dr.Olympia for the big mistake she have done. When Carlo brought Ms.Amy to |
| |Dr.Olympia, and he quickly vented out all his anger and dismay. |
|Result: |Dr.Olympia was surprised and never expected that Carlo would go to great lengths just to appease him. Days past Carlo covered |
| |Dr.Olympia every other day to assure that he was not holding any feeling of resentment at him. Carlo was ecstatic that the |
| |doctor continued to support his product and be his top prescriber of Omepron at Makati Medical Center. Carlo even performed |
| |Php546,000 in June with 87% growth compared to the same month last year. |

|Personal Leadership |
|Situation/Task: |Carlo has strong supporters in the emergency medicine department of Makati Medical Center. Last July of 2009 Carlo was asked by |
| |Dr.Jolly Santos (Chief resident) to be a major sponsor at their annual symposium. To be considered a major sponsor Carlo has to |
| |donate Php150,000 and this would serve as tie-up program with them. To continue strong support of the department Carlo needs to |
| |find a way to satisfy the department’s need. |
|Action: |To come up with substantial amount Carlo asked for the support of his UL counterpart. Carlo called a meeting and learned that |
| |they could only donate Php100,000 as a financial support to the department. To cope up with the financial deficiency Carlo had |
| |an idea to add registration sponsorship aside from the money given. He talked to Mr.Carlan for assitance of PRMD in the |
| |registration and it was granted. Carlo organized another meeting with other UL counterparts to divide the large work to be done |
| |for the registration. Carlo designated UL PSRs to different tasks to be done like collection of data, booth maning and printing.|
|Result: |During the symposium Carlo and his UL counterparts provided the entire residents request from the ID, souvenir program, |
| |certificate of registration and certificate of appreciation for the speakers. The activity went so well that the residents |
| |requested that for 2010 Carlo and his counterparts would still sponsor the registration. With the strong support of the |
| |emergency medicine department Carlo ended with 100% YTD for 2009. |…...

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