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"Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing" Simulation
The way industries, consumers, and society in general define marketing is often very different. The definition of marketing will often very by what aspect of marketing the individual has been knowledge. For example, a customer service representative is aware of the mantaince and quality of service provide after the creation of the product. On the other hand, a marketing agent is exposed to the quality of the product, promotion, sales, prices, and advertising of a product. A person that receives a survey to obtain the indivdual’s views on a product has knowledge that the organization is seeking information to find out the views of the consumer. This essay will address some of the various definitions of marketing and the importance of marketing in organizational success. Two of the definitions will come from two different sources. The third definition will come from my own viewpoint. Marketing is the evolution of a product and service. Marketing starts with the creation of a product and goes all the way through to the continued growth, production, and success of a product.
First Definition of Marketing
According to the Dictionary of American History (2003) marketing is the multifaceted, systematic approach to selling goods, adopted by every business and not for-profit agency and group with a message. It attempts to optimize an organization's ability to make a profit, whether monetary (profits or donations) or electoral. Some of the main elements of marketing are the selection and development of the product, determination of price, the place the product with be sold, advertising and generating sales. Marketing entails a two-fold aspect called inbound and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing is the research aspect of marketing. Marketing research gives companies key information about economic conditions, consumer…...

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