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Mba 555 - Case Study

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Summary 3 Introduction 4 Facts 4 Café Latte 4 Cynthia Chan 5 Stuart Chan 7 Rob Chan 8 Jeff Burns 8 The Chan Family 9 Inferences 9 Cynthia Chan 9 Stuart Chan 10 Rob Chan 10 Jeff Burns 11 The Chan Family 11 Problems 12 Decision –Additional Options 14 Behavior Assessment 15 Cynthia Chan 16 Stuart Chan 16 Rob Chan 17 Decision Assessment 17 Lessons Learned 19

Case Study: Café Latte, LLC


Café Latte, a new espresso bar, is about to open in Pocatello, Idaho. The business was formed as a limited partnership between three siblings and a friend, Cynthia, Stuart, and Rob Chan, along with Jeff Burns, respectively. The Chans are somewhat knowledgeable about running a business since their parents have operated a restaurant for years, and Stuart Chan continues to manage the restaurant. The three siblings are the principals in the business, while Jeff Burns is primarily a partner for financial purposes only. Cynthia, having the most free time, has spent the most time working on the business opening. Stuart has procured the equipment for the bar, with Rob’s help. Stuart has become angry at Cynthia for not spending enough time in preparations, and feels that she and Rob are not doing their fair share of work. Stuart wants to buy out Cynthia’s share, but later just apologizes for his outburst. In order to avoid further conflicts, a work schedule was devised that permits Cynthia and Stuart to work schedules that do not overlap, and Rob will manage the operation.


This case study is following the decision case model. Case studies are and important part of the study of organizational behavior. We can dissect the various components of attitudes, behaviors, consequences, etc., using a fictional setting and cast of characters. We…...

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