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LBPL are the largest Consumer Products Company in Pakistan; LBPL belong to Unilever Group of companies, which makes up one of the largest global companies in the world.

LBPL was incorporated in Pakistan in 1948 and work started on the present factory at Rahim Yar Khan. In 1951 the Governor General of Pakistan formally inaugurated the factory. Dalda Banaspati was the first product to come out of factory followed by Lux toilet soap in 1954.

LBPL pioneered the business of processed animal and poultry feeds in Pakistan when they began their production and marketing in 1960. However due to immense difficulties it was not possible to keep this part of business viable therefore it was closed in 1980.

A soap and glycerin factory was established in Chitagong in the then East Pakistan in 1961. However this factory is no longer a part of LBPL as a result of succession in 1971.

Surf, first of their non-soap detergent (nsd) powders was launched in 1963. It is produced by arrangement with Futehally Chemicals (Pvt) limited.

The present Karachi Edible factory was acquired in 1965 from A&B Oil Industries Ltd. Reconstruction and expansion of the factory was completed in 1994 making it one of the most modern plant in Pakistan.

LBPL moved into Personal Products Business in 1981. Further diversification on the food side of business has taken place with the introduction of margarine and cooking oils. In 1994 a state of the art factory of producing Ice Cream (WALL’S) was erected and began production in a record time of 10 months.
We are the leading consumer products company in Pakistan, a multinational with deep roots in the country.

We serve the every day need of all consumers everywhere for food, hygiene and beauty through branded products and services that deliver the best quality and value.

We use our superior customer understanding to produce breakthrough innovations in brands and channels.

Our brands capture the heart of consumers through outstanding communication.

Through managing a responsive supply chain, we maximize value from suppliers to customers.

We are exemplary through our commitment to Business Ethics, Safety, Health, Environment and involvement in the community.

At present they market a host of household products named under the following brand names and product groups.

Personal Wash (PW) Toilet Soaps Lifebuoy Lifebuoy Gold (2 variants) Lux (in 5 variants) Rexona (in 3 variants) Breeze
Sunlight Bar

Laundry Care: Surf Excel Sunlight washing powder Sunlight bar Wheel washing powder

House Hold Caring: Vim dish wash bar Vim scourers Magic bar

Personal products: Hair Care Sunsilk Shampoo (in 4 variants) Lifebuoy Shampoo Skin care Fair & Lovely skin cream Ponds Dental care Close up toothpaste (3 variants) Pepsodent

2. SPREAD & COOKING PRODUCTS CATEGORY Cooking products: New Dalda Dalda Cooking Oil Dalda Sunflower Oil Planta Cooking Oil Crisp ‘N’ Dry Dalda Lajawab Spreads: Blue Band

3. BEVERAGES Lipton Brands Brooke Bond Brands

Leaf Teas Yellow Label Supreme Yellow Label-Danedar Red Label-Danedar Richbru BB Tips Top Star A-1 Taaza Leaf Tiger Laojee

Dust Teas Pearl Dust Red Rose Kenya Mixture


Cornetto (3 variants) Pop Cone
Feast (3 variants) Choc Bar
Top Ten Ice Cream Stick
Star Cup (4 variants) Panda (2 variants)
Callipo Jetspot Orange
Big Split King Kulfa/Big Slice
Big Fruiti King Kulfa Cups
Max Rambo Half Litre(11 variants)
Max Kulfi Litre Pack(15variants)
Blue Berry 10 Litre Pack(14 variants)

In Pakistan laundry market consists of two segments:

 Detergent Market.
 Soap Market.

The total of laundry market consists of 500000 tones among which soap market has a share of 400000 tones and only 100000 tones of share is of detergent market. The graph of detergent market also shows the same:

20% share is of detergent market and among that branded products has a share of 91% and unbranded has a share of 9%. Among the branded products economical detergents has 39% overall share is distributed as ‘WHEEL’ has a share of 21% and the competitors i.e. Bonus Power has 12% and BONUS Tri Star has a share of 6% rest of the share is with of Top Gain segment i.e. with Surf Excel, Aerial, Express. So ‘WHEEL’ is the market leader among all branded washing products of its category i.e. SENSIBLE CHOICE SEGMENT which are targeted towards lower end of the consumers. Top Gain segment has a share of 52% among which Surf Excel has 23% market share, Ariel with 19% and Express with only 10%. So Surf Excel is the overall market leader in the Top Gain segment.

Surf Excel who brought with himself “complete cleaning and care” was launched 8 years back in 1995. Surf Excel is a laundry detergent that has a different kind of consumer perception as compared to the competing ones. From the day it was launched, has been met with a persistent success and growth.

Lever Brothers Pakistan limited started ‘Surf Excel’ with 6 different sizes i.e. what they call SKU’s (Stock Keeping Unit).

‘Surf Excel’ is an elegant product. Just as other products launched by LBPL are renowned for various purposes (e.g. Lifebuoy relates to health, Liril relates to freshness, Lux relates to beauty, Wheel relates to economical washing and cleanliness) Surf Excel is reknown due to its ability of stain removing, bright washing and color guard.

The idea arose in the mind of management when they saw that the customer wants a premium quality washing powder with something extra in it. That something to know about was a challenge for LBPL, which they accepted and came up with such a product, which was not even visualized by anyone i.e. “Surf Excel”.

In 1995 when its launch was under the product development stage another study was going on inside the LBPL so as to merge the existing brands of Super Active Surf and Ultra Surf which were loosing the market at that time in one single brand or to merge them into Excel. Although it seems to be a very big gamble on the part of the project team but the risk was taken. Both the brands were merged with the formula of Surf Excel. It was launched and fortunately met with success because it got some extra strength in the shape of two more formulas of the previous Surf’s. This is all about past what the reality is that it is one of the most successful washing powder of LBPL right now because it is bought by everyone even the lower class people can enjoy the wash of Surf Excel because it is meant to be made for the upper and middle class people but as we said it has 6 SKU’s and of different prices starting from Rs. 5 to maximum Rs. 125. So the detergent won the heart of people in every social class and is now in front of you.
Pricing is the most important element of product mix. If prices were set too high no one even give a damn look to your product because there will be other products available. So while setting price one should be very considerate and remain practical to the cause.
Surf Excel prices we think are OK. Anyone can buy it without any hassle.
30 Gms Rs. 5
80 Gms Rs. 13
160 Gms Rs. 20
400 Gms Rs. 55
750 Gms Rs. 75
1 Kg Rs. 125
If you compare the price of Brite and Ariel, they are priced as follows:
30 Gms Rs. 5
80 Gms Rs. 12 Rs. 8
125 Gms Rs. 17
400 Gms Rs. 50 Rs. 36
750 Gms Rs. 85
1 Kg Rs. 80


Country Pakistan
Density Urban, Sub-urban, Rural
Population 140 million
Climate All weather


Age 20 and above
Sex Female
Occupation One earning member usually the male
Family size Nuclear family size
Family income A & B class


Social class Upper and Middle class
Opinions They are aware that they have to look good and socially conscious
Personality Authoritarian

Lifestyle Strivers and Achievers


Purchase Occasion All occasion
Benefit sought Cleanliness and brightness
User status Regular user, Non user, Potential user
Usage rate Heavy user
Loyalty status Strong loyalty
Readiness stage Aware, Interested and Intending to buy
Attitude towards product Positive

As Surf Excel is targeted towards the upper class of consumers basically of A & B category housewives but would be made available everywhere through out the country that’s why LBPL followed ‘UNDIFFRENTIATED’ marketing. As the product is marketed towards a particular segment despite the fact that it uses the mass marketing approach because lower class consumers are also using it as it is under their reach that’s why they advertise keeping in mind all the possibilities.

In short the whole lot of customers using Surf Excel could be summarized according to their use of different variants in a matrix which seems to appear like this:
UPPER CLASS *** ********** **********
MIDDLE CLASS ******* ********** *******
LOWER CLASS ********** ******** ****


The above statement is right now the positioning of Surf Excel, which is for sure giving more focus to stain removal than any thing else and also is the main function of the detergent but they use various other strategies to deliver the customer the message that Surf Excel also cares for the colour of their clothes as well as brightness.

As being recently recommended by Gul Ahmed Textile Mills for the best fabric care detergent of the present decade is not prejudiced as Surf Excel is fully tested by them on cloth in their laboratories before they recommend it to public on T.V commercials which somewhat appears to be like this:


While positioning Surf Excel it was kept in mind that all the benefits should be communicated to the consumers in a way that they could relate to easily.

Initially when it was launched in 1995 the positioning of the Super Active Surf and Micro Surf was modified as:

Similarly when it was relaunched in 1998 with an improved formula of cleansing the clothes which the team of Surf Excel thought will blew off the competitors as it contains the more advanced chemicals which give your clothes extraordinary care and brightness it’s positioning was changed to:


They want that customer feels very pleased when they use Surf Excel which leads to the new idea of Smart Powerwash System which is the latest campaign started LBPL by giving a Magic Care which requires less effort and make user free of using brushes, bleach and bar soap, is economical and saves a lot of time of the user. Infact in Pakistan they started this trend of smart wash by devising a new cleaning system for white and coloured clothes.
The USP for Surf Excel is “Complete cleaning and care”. Protection against dirt and to use when stains get in deep. A Tough cleaner with color protection formula. Containing Stain pretreatment and removal activity. The company was trying to make the point that although other brands were providing protection against dirt or anything, Surf Excel is the detergent for all temperatures for all occasions.

SWOT analysis is done to know what is the strength and weaknesses of the brand are and what are the opportunities and threats that company has to face from the environment. So here we go:
 LBPL is a big multinational.
 Sound and experienced management.
 Excellent marketing department assisted by a highly regarded marketing research unit.
 R&D and financial support from parent company i.e. Unilever.
 Management of product is familiar with the psychographics and demographic of the consumers.
 Strong brand image and brand awareness of ‘Surf Excel’.
 Market leader as it has a 23% share in its respective segment among branded detergents.
 Large sales force.
 Strong and healthy relationships with distributors and retailers.

 Low market share in N.W.F.P.
 Loss of market share to ARIEL.

 High rate of population growth.
 Rising literacy.
 Market opportunity for ‘Surf Excel’ to penetrate in the new segments and market discussion coming in after few pages.

 Possible increase of market share of Brite and Ariel.
 Rising inflation, which reduces personal disposable income of consumers.
 Profit margin is exposed to rupee devaluation.

Apart from all this one major advantage they have is there own forecasting software named ABACUS, which is used for Variance Reporting, Forecasting, Drill down Analysis and Graphing. It helps in maintaining financial data consistency across the company. This is an added strength of LBPL which none of its competitors have in any of the competing segment.


This analysis is based on how every person who purchase Surf Excel give precedence to which attribute and the result is somewhat like this:

PRICE 2 5 9
QUALITY 10 9 5

Now we have given a maximum of 10 to most successful and attractive segment and minimum 1 for least and the result is that quality of washing powder, stain removing abilities and brightness got maximum 10 points with upper class and so is with the middle but lower class are of just price conscious because of low earnings. Now we look at how these ratings will fit in the segment of Surf Excel.

As now we are suggesting Surf Excel to increase fragrance alongside with all the features it have so a new statement like:

In this new positioning statement first of all we are overcoming the previously raised questions about colour guard and fragrance and surety of greater cleanliness. From this statement we are addressing the customers that now you can fully rely on Surf Excel, as it’s the best having all qualities of a good detergent. The one and only of its kind.

We would like to suggest that first of all going for the segments of Hospitals, Hotels and Laundries devise for them Industrial bags of about 10/20 Kg and sell it to them with economical prices in order to make them comfortable with the deal. Provide them discounts to encourage repeat purchase.

As far as the fragrance is concerned its ratio could be increased without increasing the price by big numbers, as it’s not very expensive for them to do. It gives very pleasant feelings to the customer and also the danger of cannibalization is not there because of not introducing a line extension.

As the Surf Excel 1 Kg pack is growing very faster approximately by 80% a year it’s sales is increasing so no problem with this. But on the other hand the growth of 5 Gms and 30 Gms is just 35% a year. So now important is to persuade lower class people to buy this Surf Excel.

We will also suggest that on regular basis the experts will do study of market within 3 months so as to discover any rapid change in demand or behavior of the consumer because we have to get on with it as and when a change is required to be successful in the market.

Product tests must be conducted in order to realize what additional benefits could be given with it if possible and in a cheaper way so as to no one will feel overburdened while buying it.

So these are few suggestions which we made for Surf Excel.…...

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