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...Morally upright Amidst an environment of thieves and corrupt, he clearly defines the distinction between right and wrong, between good and bad. In the impeachment though with unpopular position he chooses to be guided with principles of integrity and honor, where he offer justice under the tenets of the law that protects the innocent. Achiever Despite difficulties laid before him, with all support being denied as an opposition, he stood with one goal to achieve that is to serve the Filipino Mandate. His public service track of record is a monument of his labor and achievements. Result Oriented Knowing what results are important and focuses resources to successfully accomplish them. The problems besetting the country, of energy crisis, of growing poverty, of poor education, of ineffective governance, of better laws and policies are among his priorities resulting to more than 40 bills passed in the Senate. To conceive, to act and to achieve a better result is the ket to development, of positive change, of politics of performance, of commitment and passion geared towards not only of today but of the future. Competent Possessing the necessary abilities, knowledge and skills. Being an executive, he manifested management leadership, not only for a mere size of a city with much smaller population but of a province covering numerous cities and municipalities. His abilities exceeded to that of a mayor or a congressman, he is a governor with management......

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...Oil and the U.S. Macroeconomy Prepared by: Thao Nguyen Arizona Western College November 11, 2008 ARTICLE REVIEW December 2001, the average oil price was $19.33. After a brief decline from $74 to $55 per barrel in January 2007, it then resumed its price to $90 per barrel in October 2007. Participants and traders couldn’t foresee the sharp rise in price; however, some economist and analysts correctly predicted the price would go over $100 per barrel and US economy to fall into recession. In his article named “Oil and the U.S. Macroeconomy: An Update and a Simple Forecasting Exercise”, Kliesen shows that if the price of crude oil is permanently increasing to either $100 or $150 per barrel would cause a modest slowing in real gross domestic products (GDP) growth and its major components relative to base line forecast without oil price. The result of this could be somewhat very important due to the weak GDP growth over the first half of 2008. Besides that, in the article, the model which the author use also predict an inflation of 4 percent in 2009 if the price of crude oil rises up to $150 per barrel. From there, forecasters, macroeconomists, financial market participants, and public policy makers always see oil price shock as an early warning because nearly all recession in post-World War II was accompanied by increase in oil price. An oil price shock is typically a large unexpected increase in the relative price of energy that affects the economic......

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...GILYN AMOSCO OCTOBER 13, 2014 BS MANAGEMENT II I. What is the story about? Critique on the Cine Europa While “L’auberge” was largely set in Barcelona, at an Erasmus educational program that mixed students of different nationalities, and “Dolls” pinged characters across various European cities, this time the action unfolds almost wholly in New York City. That’s where English woman Wendy shacks up with her new American boyfriend taking the two young children she had with Xavier. He follows from Paris in hot pursuit, initially moving in with their old Belgian pal Isabelle, who lives in a spacious, funky Brooklyn loft with her Chinese-American girlfriend Ju. Cozily, Isabelle is pregnant thanks to a sperm donation from Xavier. By no means short of narrative incident, “Chinese Puzzle” successfully keeps multiple balls in the air, including tensions between Wendy and Xavier over their offspring’s schooling; Xavier’s green-card marriage to the Chinese-American niece of a taxi driver he rescues after a road-rage episode; Xavier’s apartment hunt, bicycle-courier job and Skype sessions with his Paris-based book editor over the progress of his new novel; Isabelle’s affair with a pretty babysitter; and most of all visits by another Erasmus alumnus, Xavier’s old flame Martine, who has two young children of her own. Bringing an appreciative outsider’s perspective to the sights, sounds and......

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...1.     To what extent has Margo Santelli chosen the right approach to leading the managers in her unit of the financial services firm?    The interviews conducted by Laura reveal mixed results about Margo’s leadership style and perception. Three of the four managers felt that Margo was too “macro”, leaning almost, if not completely, to a laissez-faire leadership style. As Dubrin, 2010, argues “…employees managed by a laissez-faire leader experience ambiguity.” Dubrin goes further to explain that studies have concluded that these employees who face ambiguity face difficulties when prioritizing work, due to lack of direction. (p. 114)    Margo’s style is so laissez-faire and macro, in fact, that one of the managers did not even recall who she was specifically. Furthermore, this particular manager is leaving the company and joining the workforce of a competitor, which leads us to believe that he is not happy working with Margo and/or her leadership style.  2.     What advice can you offer Margo to be a more effective leader?    Margo should approach her leadership style to each manager that she supervises, on a case by case basis. Although a general leadership style can be adopted, Margo should understand that each person faces different needs of how much guidance and support they need. Leadership can be tailored to the industry and individually towards specific people. No two people are the same, and you cannot rule with the same ‘hand’ or blanket for everyone. Margo must......

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...indispensable que éste tipo de endoso tenga la cláusula “en procuración”, “al cobro” o cualquier otra semejante para que el endosatario tenga los derechos y obligaciones de un representante. * En garantía: Se da cuando el título se transfiere como garantía del cumplimiento de una obligación, debe contar con la leyenda “en garantía”, “en prenda” u otra equivalente. Éste tipo de endoso no transmite la propiedad del título sino que constituye sobre él un derecho prendario, lo cual significa conferir al endosatario los derechos del acreedor. g) El pagaré g.1 Elementos personales g.2 Caso práctico de pagaré h) Reflexiones personales respecto a la importancia del conocimiento, dominio teórico práctico de las cuentas de crédito dentro del marco legal de los negocios. i) El cheque i.1 La exclusividad de las instituciones bancarias Significa que sólo las instituciones bancarias pueden expedirlos. i.2 Su pago a la vista Sólo pueden ser cobrados cuando el responsable, que pertenezca a la institución bancaria, vea el documento de título de crédito (cheque) y verifique su autenticidad. i.3 Principales clases de cheques con pros y contras i.3.1 Al portador: Es el tipo de cheque que puede ser cobrado por cualquier persona, el único requisito es que dicha persona lo muestre físicamente. Un pro es que su cobro es muy rápido y no hay necesidad de lidiar con preguntas en los bancos o de proporcionar documentos extras, un contra es que si el portador extravía el......

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...A social worker in the Marco environment has the role and responsibility of understanding the problem, understanding the population and the community or organization where the problem is occurring. Personal empowerment, in a Marco environment comes from within the individual. You give yourself power as an individual to make a decision. Interpersonal Empowerment is when one or more individuals join make a decision that will benefit the situation. Political Empowerment is when you use the Government resource and employees to help you in making the decision. Marco assistance goes further than individuals’ interventions. The “need” of an individual is based on the problems at hand, the main issues and the concerns severity surrounding the problem that are identified as you developed a conversation and relationship with the individual you are trying to assist. Marco system response to child maltreatment, sexual abuse, crime and delinquency. Child abuse is an action by the person in charge of caring for the child, whether it be a parent, caregiving, family member of school staff. There are different forms of child maltreatment; physical abuse, abusing a child physically, such as hurting a kid with your hands, or an object that will cause visible harm, from bruising, redness and at times broken bones, Emotional abuse, constantly putting a child down, telling them that they are no good. Insulting the child, constantly mocking until the child cries. There are several different......

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...An Analysis on the Claimed Marcos' Unworthiness A critical essay in response to Dariwn Mendiola's "Five Reasons why Marcos should not be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani" "The controversy is not the very act of burying Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani but to or not to consider him as a hero." This is from the article of Darwin Mendiola entitled "Five Reasons why Marcos should not be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani." It mainly states justifications why Marcos cannot be a Philippine hero. These include the violation of the law, wickedness of the Martial Law, regression during the Marcos Regime, difficulty in revising history and exoneration of the Marcoses' past crimes. This precisely written article is clearly one-sided which contains insignificant arguments and irrelevant supports with fallacious statements. After every given reason, there is a statement to conclude and describe how immoral it is to bury Ferdinand Marcos' remains at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. This proves that the article is against Marcos which makes it biased. In addition, it also doesn't indicate any good happenings on the Marcos regime or at least talk about why people consider Ferdinand Marcos to be buried at the LNMB. The article provided specific examples and situations which occurred during the Marcos' era, making it very precise. However, some of the given examples are unimportant and unrelated to the topic. Particular republic act numbers are mentioned by the author with......

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...SAN MARCOS POLICE DEPARTMENT The San Marcos Police Department is the primary general service law enforcement agency of San Marcos, Texas. The department is currently comprised of 95 sworn officers and 35 full time administrative staff members. On the law enforcement front, it is here at the local level that the major advances against the problems of crime and order maintenance goes on. This paper will serve to explain several key administrative concepts related to the operations of the San Marcos Police Department. In particular, this paper will examine the organizational structure within the department, in addition to, motivation and leadership components. STRUCTURE The accepted patterns of police organizations follow closely those to be found in military service (Leonard, 1969). This appears to be a very logical development since a police organization is semi-military in character. Police departments tend to be organized with rank structures, utilize the usage of uniforms and incorporate many of the various artillery of the armed forces, designed in large measure to set cops apart from civilians and signal obvious membership in an organization that exerts the immediate force of the government (Crowper, 2000). Furthermore, within an organizational dimension, police departments fall under the classification of mechanistic organizations (Stojkovic, Kalinch & Klofas, 2008). This type of organization is commonly regarded by its traditional bureaucratic foundation,......

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...MARCO TEORICO Por medio de la presente quiero dar a conocer las diferentes teorías y estudios que hacen factibles el desarrollo de mi Plan de Negocios “Máquinas expendedoras de sanduches calientes” en la Ciudad de Guayaquil, con el objeto de unificar ideas referentes al proyecto. Se abarcaran dos puntos clave como son las teorías que sustentan la idea y los estudios en relación al producto y el mercado. Agregando además comentarios y estudios de los beneficios a la salud por el consumo de sanduches disponible las 24 horas del día. A continuación mencionare las siguientes teorías en relación a la preferencia temporal, valor subjetivo y tiempo económico, parámetros importantes que nos muestra la reacción que tiene nuestros clientes al presentarle un nuevo servicio a su alcance. Cuando nosotros ponemos a consideración y elección de un producto pero de una forma diferente de distribución y entrega nos damos cuenta que esto puede llegar a ser valioso para nuestro cliente porque estamos llegando a satisfacer una necesidad para el consumidor potencial en este caso será los estudiantes y oficinistas debido a que ellos presentan un problemas, y es que por falta de tiempo no desayunan ni almuerzan o simplemente no les da el tiempo para comer un bocado por ello la idea de una máquina expendedoras de sanduches, se considera útil el bien y por tanto nuestro futuro cliente estará dispuesto a dar algo a cambio de este bien. Es de indicar que nuestro futuro cliente siempre va querer......

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